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Pycnonotus sinensis

Basic information
Scientific name Pycnonotus sinensis

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Common names Light-vented bulbul
Higher taxon Pycnonotidae, Passeriformes, Aves
Natural range Continental China, Hainan Is., Taiwan, N Vietnam, and Yaeyama Islands. Three subspecies are recognized: P. s. sinensis (breeding in continent and Yaeyama); P. s. formosae (W Taiwan); P. s. hainanus (peripheral region of continent and Hainan Is.)
Habitat Edge of forests, grass land, farm area, etc.
Invasion information
Range in Japan Okinawajima Is. and several peripheral islands. Okinawajima population is regarded P. s. formosae. Range in Japan
Origin Taiwan
Date The first record in Okinawajima Is. was in Jan 1976. Also recorded in several peripheral islands such as Tokashikijima, Agunijima, Kumejima, etc., in 1990s.
Route Deliberate: Escape or release of pet.
Impact Actually: Competition with native birds. Damage on agriculture.
Affected organism: Native birds such as Brown-eared Bulbul Microscelis amaurotis (competition). Crops (beans, tomato, cabbagy, lettuce, papaya, loquat, orange, pyracanth, etc.)
Regulation in Japan
Introduced range in other countries None.
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