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Sciurus vulgaris

Basic information
Scientific name Sciurus vulgaris (No picture)
Common names Eurasian red squirrel
Higher taxon Sciuridae, Rodentia, Mammalia
Natural range Forested regions of Palearctic, from Iberia and Great Britain east to Kamchatka Peninsula and Sakhalin Isl (Russia); south to Mediterranean and Black Seas, N Mongolia, W and NE China. There is natural population in Hokkaido (S. v. orientalis).
Habitat Evergreen coniferous forests.
Invasion information
Range in Japan Recorded from Sayama Hilly Zone, Tokyo and Saitama Pref. Range in Japan
Origin Unknown.
Date 1998 or earlier (Sayama Hilly Zone)
Route Deliberate: Continental subspecies were distributed as pet.
Impact (Potentially) Competition, hybridization against native species. destruction of landscape. Carrying infectious disease (such as murrain or recurrent fever mediated by mites).
Native organism(s) affected: (Potentially) Sciurid mammals (S. v. orientalis, Tamias sibericus, and Pteromys volans orii in Hokkaido, Sciurus lis and Pteromys momonga in Honshu.
Regulation in Japan Import, transport and keeping of all the subspecies except S. v. orientalis are legally restricted in Japan.
Introduced range in other countries Not known.
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