At least one of the authors should be a researcher at NIES.

A submitted paper should not have been previously published, and should be designated as one of the following types according to its content: (1) research paper, (2) research material/data, or (3) explanatory article.

  1. )Research paper: A paper reporting original research related to environmental issues, containing useful conclusions or facts that have been independently obtained. Review papers are also included in this type. The paper should be a draft manuscript that has not yet been submitted to a journal, and even if there is a possibility of future revision of the analysis data, the paper should be completed to the level at which it is suitable for submission.
  2. Research material/data: A technical supplement compiling the results of research, complex equations of models, program sources for statistics or analysis, etc.
  3. Explanatory article: An article describing the authors’ own research, to be published for the purpose of disseminating the findings obtained to the general public (Japanese language only).

Taking the convenience of outside readers into consideration, discussion papers are categorized and arranged according to their research targets and research fields. Please select the applicable research target(s) and research field(s) when submitting your paper.

Research fields

(a) Environmental impact assessments and environmental policies, (b) environmental engineering, (c) economics, (d) transportation engineering, (e) urban engineering, (f) regional (urban and rural) planning studies, (g) jurisprudence, (h) other

Research targets

(1) Environmental education and environmental awareness, (2) international aspects of environmental issues (international cooperation, environmental issues in developing countries, trade, etc.), (3) regional environmental issues in Japan (transportation issues, atmospheric pollution, water contamination, chemical substances, urban/rural issues, etc.), (4) other global environmental issues (depletion of the ozone layer, acid rain, etc.), (5) nature preservation (conservation of scenery, natural resources, etc.), (6) climate change issues, (7) waste issues, (8) others

Either English or Japanese can be used.

  1. Please prepare the manuscript as a PDF file complying with the format specified below (using the template and adding the prescribed front and back covers), and submit it by e-mail to the person in charge (person in charge of the Center seminars). At the same time, please inform us of the type of paper (research paper, research material/data, or explanatory article) and the research categories (research field(s) and target(s); multiple choices permitted).
  2. The person in charge will check whether the paper meets the minimum requirements (prescribed format and minimum standard of content) and report to the Director of the Center. A decision will then be made on publication of the paper, provided that there are no problems in terms of meeting the requirements. The main purpose of this step is not to perform a detailed check of the contents of the research, but to exclude any papers that fail to meet the requirements.
  3. The Director may request the author(s) to make revisions to the paper in the event that there are problems in the areas described above.
  4. When a decision has been made to publish the paper, the person in charge will assign a Discussion Paper No.* to it and upload it to the website.

* Discussion Paper Nos. are assigned consecutively for each year. (Example: No. 2008-01)


  1. When preparing a discussion paper reporting on a large-scale research project (such as a project carried out under the Environment Research and Technology Development Fund, etc.), please compile it as one of types (A) to (C) mentioned above, as applicable. Although various research results are normally presented in a report on such a project, if all of the results are included in a single discussion paper it will become difficult to read (especially for people outside NIES). Therefore, please prepare one discussion paper for one set of research results.
  2. To ensure consistency of the style of discussion papers, we ask that you prepare your manuscript in accordance with the Guidelines for Authors. This will be checked at a meeting of the section heads concerned. If a discussion paper does not conform with the Guidelines, the author(s) will be requested to revise it.

(1) Basic format (standard style of Microsoft Word)

  1. Page size: A4
  2. Single column (no column setting)
  3. Margins: Top 35 mm; bottom, left, and right 30 mm
  4. Font: English: Times New Roman/Japanese: Minchō
  5. Font size: English: 10.5 pt, /Japanese: 10.5 pt, Characters per line: 40, Character spacing: 10.5 pt, No. of lines: 36, Line spacing: 18 pt
  6. Notes: To be prepared as footnotes
  7. Page numbers: Page bottom, center
  8. Data format: PDF (for Web release)
  9. Formats for figures and tables are not specified.

(2) First and second pages (no page numbers)

English manuscript: Please provide the following information in English on the first page and in Japanese on the second page. Japanese manuscript: Please provide the following information in Japanese on the first page and in English on the second page.

  1. Title/li>
  2. Name(s) of author(s)
  3. Affiliation(s) and contact details
  4. Abstract
  5. Keywords (up to five)

(3) Third page onward (Assign page numbers, starting with the third page as page 1.

  1. Main text
  2. Appendix(es)/supplementary material (if needed)
  3. References

(4) Formats for other elements of the paper (references, figures, tables, consecutive equation numbers, etc.)

No specified format (The format can be in accordance with the format of the journal, etc. to which the paper is to be submitted.)

(5) Template for front and back covers