Call for papers: “Urban Infrastructure Systems for Sustainable Resource Management”

Information of the Paper

Author: Liang DONG (Environmental Urban Systems Section)
Title of Journal: Resources, Conservation and Recycling (online: 2nd, September, 2015)


Urban infrastructure, as the interface between the human consumption and natural resources/environment, poses various challenges and opportunities for sustainable resource management at urban scale. To address these emerging challenges and capture opportunities, system-based thinking, novel and integrated approaches, innovative decision support tools, environment-friendly technologies and systems, and effective implementation strategies are prerequisite to enhance sustainable resource management with urban infrastructure systems for sustainable resource management. To encourage the state of art researches addressing the above challenges, I collaborated with some European and Asian professors from four countries, proposed a special issue at international journal “Resources, Conservation and Recycling” focusing on the topic “Urban Infrastructure Systems for Sustainable Resource Management”. The submission through system is available from 1st, October, 2015. This special issue calls for the researches focusing on: 

(1) Rethinking urban infrastructure system planning with the considerations of “symbiosis strategy” and “collaborative management”, towards sustainable resource management; 
(2) Developing holistic analytical approaches, databases and their integration to comprehensively analyze and evaluate the socioeconomic, environmental and ecological impacts and trade-offs of infrastructure systems; 
(3) Applying emerging information and communications technology (ICT) to support the planning and management of interdependent infrastructure systems; 
(4) Employing decision-making methods, implementation strategies and business models for promoting sustainable infrastructures. 
The editorial board is organized as:

  • Managing Editor
    Liang DONG
    Research Fellow, Center for Social and Environmental System Research, National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan.
  • Guest Editors
    Yutao WANG
    Assistant professor, Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity, Shandong University, Jinan, China.
  • Antonio SCIPIONI
    Professor, CESQA (Quality and Environmental Research Centre), Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Padova, Italy
  • Hung-Suck PARK
    Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Ulsan, Republic of Korea.
  • Jingzheng REN
    Assistant Professor, Department of Technology and Innovation, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark