Overview of section and members

Social and Environmental Systems Research Center
Name Title Keywords of research
Tsuyoshi FUJITA Director Low carbon urban system, industrial & urban symbiosis
Yasuko KAMEYAMA Deputy Director International relations, Global environmental problems, Negotiation process
Akira HIBIKI *Group Leader *Environment-Economic Assessment Collaborative Research Group
Integrated Environment and Economy Section
With the goal of achieving a society characterizing sustainable development, we analyze the structure of causes and effects of various environmental problems, considering multiple sectors such as household, government, enterprises and others, and multiple scales including world, country and city, and explore their solutions.
Name Title Keywords of research
Toshihiko MASUI Head Integrated Assessment Modeling, Environmental Systems,
Environmental Economics
Midori AOYAGI Principal Researcher Sociology of Risk, Survey Research, Media, Science and Technology
Tatsuya HANAOKA Senior Researcher Integrated Assessment Modeling, Environmental Systems Engineering,
Environmental economics
Azusa OKAGAWA Senior Researcher Environmental Economics, Econometrics
Diego Herran SILVA Senior Researcher Integrated Assessment Model, Climate change mitigation scenario,
Renewable energy
Satish Kumar YAWALE Research Associate Residential Sector, Emission mitigation, Climate policy, 
Technology Options
Zhaoling LI Research Associate Industiral secors, Environmental economics, LPS allocation, 
Emission mitigation 
Ambiyah ABDULLAH Research Associate International Economic Development
Marissa MALAHAYATI Research Associate Environmental economics, Land-use change analysis, Econometrics

Trans-boundary Impacts & Mitigation Modeling Section
Development and use of models to analyze impact of various environmental changes at transboundary and national scales, including that of climate change, and to examine countermeasures to mitigate the changes.
Name Title Keywords of research
Kiyoshi TAKAHASHI Head Climate change impacts, adaptation, Integrated Assessment Model,
limate scenario
Shuichi ASHINA Senior Researcher Designing Strategies toward Low Carbon Society by using
integrated assessment models based on mechanical and system engineering
Junya TAKAKURA Researcher Climate Change, Adaptation & Mitigation, CGE Model
Jingyu LIU Research Associate SDGs, Mitigation policies, CGE Model
Wenchao WU Research Associate Agricultural economics, Mitigation, Land use
Yuki HIRUTA Research Associate Urban ecosystem services, Low carbon city, Spatial information
Lu GAO Research Associate  Environmental economics, Low-carbon society, Adaptation & Mitigation
Yujiro HIRANO Senior Researcher
(Fukushima branch)
Urban thermal environment, Energy saving, Built environment, CO2 reduction

Regional Environmental Impact Assessment Section
For realization of transition to sustainable society, the Regional Environmental Impact Assessment Section investigates solutions for multifarious environmental problems through development of methods and models to assess various environmental impacts at country, local and city levels.
Name Title Keywords of research
Yasuaki HIJIOKA Head
(Center for Climate Chane Adaptation)
Climate change impact, Adaptation, Integrated assessment model
Toshiaki ICHINOSE Senior Researcher Urban environment system, Urban climatology, GIS,
Chinese environmental issues
Toshinori ARIGA Senior Researcher City planning, Transportation planning, Land use planning
Kazutaka OKA Senior Researcher
(Center for Climate Change Adaptation)
Climate change impact, Adaptation, Implementation,
Climate Scenario
Yoshifumi MASAGO Senior Researcher
(Center for Climate Change Adaptation)
Water environemntal engineering, Health risk assessment,
Climate change adaptation
Masashi OKADA Senior Researcher Climate  change impact, Adaptation, Agriculture,
Crop model
Tomohiro FUJITA Researcher
(Center for Climate Change Adaptation)
Forest ecosystem, Land use change,
Climate change adaptation
Makoto OOBA Senior Researcher
(Fukushima branch)
Forest ecosystem, Footprints, Woody biomass 
Takuya TOGAWA Senior Researcher
(Fukushima branch)
Low carbon city, Land use planning, Regional energy

Eco-society Innovation Section

System design, evaluation and support for its implementation through the development of an integrated assessment model for environmental technologies in order to bring about the transition into a sustainable environmental society based on innovative technological and social systems.
Name Title Keywords of research
Minoru FUJII Head Low carbon urban system, recycling, industrial & urban symbiosis
Rintaro YAMAGUCHI Senior Researcher Natural capital, Wealth accounting, Discounting,
Environmental and resource economics 
Seiya MAKI Researcher Low carbon society, Industrial symbiosis, High efficiency energy system,
Heat demand and supply analysis
Lu SUN Research Associate Waste recycling, Urban metabolism, industrial & urban symbiosis 
Tana QIAN Research Associate Remote sensing, Environmental impact assessment, Spatial analysis
Kei GOMI Senior Researcher
(Fukushima branch)
Low-carbon society scenario, Integrated modeling, Planning for revitalization
Takashi TSUJI Researcher
(Fukushima branch)
Community governance, Citizen participation, Social research,
Sociaology of local community

Environmental Policy Section
The Environmental Policy Section is working to elucidate pathways to sustainable social systems by conducting assessment of the effectiveness of environmental law and policies and analysis of roles and activities of multiple stakeholders.
Name Title Keywords of research
Keisuke MATSUHASHI Head Assessment and policy for sustainable societies and cities 
Yasufumi MORI Principal Researcher Theory and effects of voluntary environmental actions
by citizens and enterprises 
Izumi KUBOTA Senior Researcher Legal analysis on international environmental regime
Yuko KANAMORI Senior Researcher Modeling on relationship between lifestyle and environmental load generation
Masahiro ISHIKAWA Research Associate Assessment of green building policies
He CHEN Research Associate Assessment for sustainable societies and environmental balance 
Kyoungmin KIM Research Associate Architectural planning, Location planning,
Community-based integrated care system 
Shogo NAKAMURA Researcher
(Fukushima branch)
Development of environment assessment tool at local scale