About Center for Social and Environmental Systems Research

Greetings from Director

Director, Prof. Tsuyoshi FUJITA

The Center for Social and Environmental Systems Research is engaged in research to clarify the relationships between socioeconomic activities and environmental issues, considering people and the environment from a broad perspective. We are conducting research on desirable forms of sustainable societies that are in harmony with the environment and economic activities, as well as on scenarios and roadmaps, and technologies and measures to achieve these goals. We are also working on the development of methods useful for policy formulation and assessment including integrated assessment models, environmental and economic models, urban environmental simulation methods, and so on. Through the process of returning the fruits of these efforts to society, such as by providing the results of research on policy formulation by national and local governments, we aim to contribute to the realization of sustainable societies in which economic activities coexist harmoniously with the environment.


・to focus on links between human activities and the natural environment to identify the relationship between socioeconomic systems and environmental issues
・to cover broad areas, from global environmental issues to local issues
・to develop theories and methodologies towards realization of sustainability in both Japanese and international sociesties

Major Research Theme

(1)construction of sustainable societies; and roadmaps and measures towards their realization
(2)examination of desirable forms of sustainable cities
(3)design of systems for co-beneficial, environmentally friendly cities and for model related pilot experiments

Fundamental research for these studies includes surveys on environmental consciousness; social- and science-based communication; economic evaluation and verification of the effects of environmental policies and system design.