GOTO Daisuke
Senior Researcher
Last Update:2016/09/27
Researcher Name GOTO Daisuke
Div (Section) name/title Center for Regional Environmental Research(Regional Atmospheric Modeling Section)/Senior Researcher
Research Subject Numerical simulation of atmospheric air pollution using aerosol-chemical transport model coupled to global and regional models
Degree(s) Ph.D
Academic Speciality Field Chemistry,Physics
Environmental Speciality Field air pollution

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1719CD001 : Refinement of secondary components of PM2.5 by spatially seamless air pollutant transport model
1620AA046 : A study of air pollution including PM2.5 and its health and toxic effects
1620SP040 : Research program on health and environmental safety
1620AU004 : Climate Change Strategy Collaboration Office
1418BA002 : Development of evaluation system for multiscale air quality change and analysis of change events
1517BA008 : Interdisciplinary Study on Inhalation Exposure and Risk Assessment focusing on Suspended Particles derived from the Nuclear Accident (Subtheme 5) Development of integrated model of atmospheric diffusion model and exposure model
Research Result(Latest five records)
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Sarkar T., Anand S., Singh K.D., Tripathi R.M., Sarojini P.K., Goto D., Nakajima T. (2017) Simulating Long Range Transport of Radioactive Aerosols Using a Global Aerosol Transport Model. Aerosol and Air Quality Research,

Schutgens N., Tsyro S., Gryspeerdt E., Goto D., Weigum N., Schulz M., Stier P. (2017) On the spatio-temporal representativeness of observations. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 17, 9761-9780

Goto D., Sato Y., Yashiro H., Suzuki K., Nakajima T. (2017) Validation of high-resolution aerosol optical thickness simulated by a global non-hydrostatic model against remote sensing measurements. Radiation Processes in the Atmosphere and Ocean (IRS2016) AIP Conf. Proc, 1810

Kaskaoutis D.G., Rashki A., Houssos E.E., Legrand M., Francois P., Bartzokas A., Kambezidis H.D., Dumka U.C., Goto D., Takemura T. (2017) Assessment of changes in atmospheric dynamics and dust activity over southwest Asia using the Caspian Sea–Hindu Kush Index. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLIMATOLOGY, 37, 1013-1034

Trieu T.T.N., Goto D., Yashiro H., Murata R., Sudo K., Tomita H., Satoh M., Nakajima T. (2017) Evaluation of summertime surface ozone in Kanto area of Japan using a semi-regional model and observation. Atmospheric Environment, 153, 163-181
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Goto D., Ueda K., Ng C.F.S., Takami A., Ariga T., Matsuhashi K., Nakajima T. (2016) Influence of model grid size on the simulation of PM2.5 and the related excess mortality in Japan. American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting 2016, -

Goto D. (2016) Global-to-regional simulation of aerosols with 10 km grid spacing. International Meeting on Land Use and Emissions in South/Southeast Asia, -

Goto D., Nakajima T. (2016) High resolved aerosol simulations using a non-hydrostatic icosahedral atmospheric model (NICAM). AeroCom/Aerosat/TWAS workshop, Abstracts, 83

Goto D., Yashiro H., Sato Y., Suzuki K., Seiki T., Nakajima T. (2016) Validation of high-resolution aerosol optical thickness by a global non-hydrostatic model using remote sensing measurements. International Radiation Symposium 2016, Abstracts

Goto D. (2016) Seamless global-to-regional simulation of aerosols with O(10km) grid spacing. 2nd International Workshop on SLCPs in Asia: Chemistry-climate modeling and its applications, -

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