Last Update:2010/03/09
Researcher Name NISHIZAWA Tomoaki
Div (Section) name/title Center for Environmental Measurement and Analysis(Advanced Remote Sensing Section)/Head
Research Subject Observational studies on temporal and spatial variation of aerosol optical properties using Lidar
Degree(s) Doctor of Science
Academic Speciality Field Science,Physics
Environmental Speciality Field Atmospheric environment,climate change

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1620AU001 : Satellite Observation Research Project
1316CD003 : Development of combined observation system of multiple scattering lidar and cloud profiling radar and data analysis of global cloud microphysical properties
1216KB002 : Study on construction of monitoring, forecasting, and warning system for tropospheric aerosol events
1317CD002 : Study on five-dimensional assimilation of multi-wavelength lidar data and a chemical transport model (tentative title)
1517BA003 : Development of an Advisory and Assessment System for the Environmental Impacts of Aeolian Dust
1516MA001 : Development of aerosol and cloud retrieval algorithms using ATLID and MSI data of EarthCARE
1517CD021 : Global aerosol analysis using data measured with space-borne active and passive sensors
1519CD001 : Advancement of climate change prediction by aerosol ground-based remote-sensing network
Research Result(Latest five records)
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Sugimoto N., Nishizawa T., Shimizu A., Matsui I., Jin Y., Higurashi A., Uno I., Hara Y., Yumimoto K., Kudo R. (2015) Continuous observations of atmospheric aerosols across East Asia. SPIE Newsroom, 21

Sugimoto N., Shimizu A., Nishizawa T., Matsui I., Jin Y., Khatri P., Irie H., Takamura T., Aoki K., Thana B. (2015) Aerosol characteristics in Phimai, Thailand determined by continuous observation with a polarization sensitive Mie-Raman lidar and a sky radiometer. Environmental Research Letters, 10, 065003

Jin Y., Kai K., Kawai K., Nagai T., Sakai T., Yamazaki A., Uchiyama A., Batdorj D., Sugimoto N., Nishizawa T. (2015) Ceilometer calibration for retrieval of aerosol optical properties. Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, 153, 49-56

Bellenger H., Yoneyama K., Katsumata K., Nishizawa T., Yasunaga K., Shirooka R. (2015) Observation of moisture tendencies related to shallow convection. Journal of the atmospheric sciences, 72, 641-659

Shimizu A., Sugimoto N., Matsui I., Nishizawa T. (2015) Direct comparison of extinction coefficients derived from Mie-scattering lidar and number concentrations of particles, subjective weather report in Japan. Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, 153, 77-87
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Sugimoto N., Shimizu A., Nishizawa T. (2016) Validation/assimilation of aerosol chemical transport models using the ground-based lidar network (AD-Net). 2016 International Asian dust and Aerosol Workshop, Abstracts, 17

Nishizawa T., Sugimoto N., Matsui I., Shimizu A., Higurashi A., Jin Y. (2016) The Asian dust and aerosol lidar observation network (AD-Net): current status and progress. International Skynet Workshop, abstracts

Oikawa E., Suzuki K., Nakajima T., Nishizawa T. (2016) Shortwave and longwave radiative forcings of aerosols depending on the vertical stratification of aerosols and clouds. International Radiation Symposium 2016, Abstracts

Sugimoto N., Nishizawa T., Shimizu A., Jin Y. (2016) Observation of distribution and characteristics of mineral dust using lidars and in-situ optical particle counters. Third JSPS Seminar: Collaborative Research between Mongolia, China and Japan on Outbreaks of Asian Dust and Environmental Regime Shift, Abstracts, 18

Sugimoto N., Nishizawa T., Shimizu A., Jin Y., Oikawa E. (2016) Validation/assimilation of chemical transport models using AD-Net lidar data. International Cooperative for Aerosol Prediction: Lidar Data and its use in Model Verification and Data Assimilation, -

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