Last Update:2010/03/09
Researcher Name NISHIZAWA Tomoaki
Div (Section) name/title Center for Environmental Measurement and Analysis(Advanced Remote Sensing Section)/Head
Research Subject Observational studies on temporal and spatial variation of aerosol optical properties using Lidar
Degree(s) Doctor of Science
Academic Speciality Field Science,Physics
Environmental Speciality Field Atmospheric environment,climate change

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Jin Y., Sugimoto N., Shimizu A., Nishizawa T., Kai K., Kawai K., Yamazaki A., Sakurai M., Wille H. (2018) Evaluation of ceilometer attenuated backscattering coefficients for aerosol profile measurement. Journal of Applied Remote Sensing, 12 (4)

Shimizu A., Sugimoto N., Nishizawa T., Jin Y., Batdorj D. (2017) Variations of Dust Extinction Coefficient Estimated by Lidar Observations over Japan, 2007-2016. Scientific Online Letters on the Atmosphere, 13, 205-208

Jin Y., Sugimoto N., Ristori P., Nishizawa T., Otero L., Quel E. (2017) Measurement method of high spectral resolution lidar with a multimode laser and a scanning Mach-Zehnder interferometer. Applied Optics, 56 (21), 5990-5995

Yumimoto K., Uno I., Pan X., Nishizawa T., Kim S.W., Sugimoto N. (2017) Inverse Modeling of Asian Dust Emissions with POPC Observations: A TEMM Dust Sand Storm 2014 Case Study. Scientific Online Letter on the Atmosphere, 13, 31-35

Pan X., Uno I., Wang Z., Nishizawa T., Sugimoto N., Yamamoto S., Kobayashi H., Sun Y., Fu P., Tang X., Wang Z. (2017) Real-time observational evidence of changing Asian dust morphology with the mixing of heavy anthropogenic pollution. Scientific Reports, 7 (335), 1-8
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Nishizawa T., Hara Y., Uno I., Yasunaga K., Kudo R., Shimizu A., Sugimoto N. (2018) Ground-based network observation of aerosols and clouds using Multi-wavelength Mie-Raman lidars. SPIE Asia-Pacific remote sensing 2018, Abstracts

Nishizawa T., Kudo R., Higurashi A., Oikawa E., Okamoto H. (2018) Development of algorithms to retrieve optical properties of aerosols and clouds from space lidars ATLID/EarthCARE and CALIOP/CALIPSO. SPIE Asia-Pacific remote sensing 2018, Abstracts

Oikawa E., Nishizawa T., Kudo R., Okamoto H., Nakajima T. (2018) Optical properties of dust spheroid particles using AERONET observations. 7th international earthcare science workshop, -

Kudo R., Nishizawa T., Oikawa E., Higurashi A., Fujikawa M. (2018) Global 3D distributions of aerosol components retrieved by synergy of CALIOP and MODIS. 7th international earthcare science workshop, -

Nishizawa T., Higurashi A., Kudo R., Irie H., Yasunaga K., Katsumata M., Yumimoto K., Ishii S., Okamoto H., Sato K., Katagiri S., Nakajima T. (2018) Validation of the EarthCARE ATLID and MSI products using ground-based lidar and sunphotometry measurements in East Asia. 1st earthcare validation workshop, -

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