Senior Researcher
Last Update:2015/06/17
Researcher Name OKAGAWA Azusa
Div (Section) name/title Center for Social and Environmental Systems Research(Integrated Environment and Economy Section)/Senior Researcher
E-mail okagawa.azusa (*add @nies.go.jp)
Research Subject Environmental policy accessment
Degree(s) PhD in Economics
Academic Speciality Field Economics
Environmental Speciality Field Global warming,Biodiversity
Keyword(s) Econometrics,CGE modeling
Brief Description of Research none
Membership of Academic Society Japan Economic Society,Society for Environmental Economics and Policy Studies (SEEPS),Society of Environmetal Science

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Yamano H., Satake K., Inoue T., Kadoya T., Hayashi S., Kinjo K., Nakajima D., Oguma H., Ishiguro S., Okagawa A., Suga S., Horie T., Nohara K., Fukayama N., Hibiki A. (2015) An integrated approach to tropical and subtropical island conservation. Journal of Ecology and Environment, 38, 271-279
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Okagawa A., HIBIKI A. (2013) HEDONIC PRICING APPROACH TO ESTIMATE FLOOD DAMAGE IN TOKYO METROPOLITAN AREA. 20th Annual Conference of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, -

Okagawa A.(*1Tsukuba University), Okushima S. (2013) Energy Poverty in Japan: How Does the Energy Price Escalation Affect Low Income and Vulnerable Household?. Research Institute for the Environment and Trade (RIET) Symposium: Renewable Energy and US/Japanese Energy Policy - A Computational General Equilibrium Approach, -

Okagawa A., Masui T. (2012) AN ECONOMIC EVALUATION OF WATER RESOURCE ALLOCATION DURING WATER SHORTAGE USING A MULTIREGIONAL COMPUTABLE GENERAL EQUILIBRIUM MODEL. 19th Annual Conference of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, -

Okagawa A., Hibiki A., Kojima S. (2012) How does the land market in Tokyo value flood damage?. Coping with Climate Change and Environmental Degration: Theories and Practicable Options, -

Okagawa A., Hibiki A. (2011) Estimation of Perceived Flood Damage in Tokyo Metropolitan Area. Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei Seminars, Abstracts of Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei

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