Senior Researcher
Last Update:2009/08/25
Researcher Name SHIOGAMA Hideo
Div (Section) name/title Center for Global Environmental Research(Climate Risk Assessment Section)/Senior Researcher
Research Subject Detection & Atrribution; Uncertainty of climate change projections; Uncertainty propagation
Researh Interests (1) Regional detection and attribution
(2) Study of uncertainty in climate change projection
(3) Uncertainty propagation from climate projection to impact assessments
Degree(s) Ph. D
Academic Speciality Field Earth Science,Science
Environmental Speciality Field global warming,climate projection
Membership of Academic Society Meteorological Society of Japan,American Meteorological Society

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Good P., Lowe J.A. , Andrews T., Wiltshire A., Chadwick R., Ridley J. K. , Menary M. B., Bouttes N. , Dufresne J.L. , Gregory J. M. , Gregory J. M., Schaller N. , Schaller N., Shiogama H. (2015) Nonlinear regional warming with increasing CO2 concentrations.. Nature Climate Change, 5, 138-142

Abe M, Shiogama H., Yokohata T., Emori S., Nozawa T (2015) Asymmetric impact of the physiological effect of carbon dioxide on hydrological responses to instantaneous negative and positive CO2 forcing. Climate Dynamics,

Mori M., Watanabe M., Shiogama H., Inoue J., Kimoto M. (2014) Robust Arctic sea-ice influence on the frequent Eurasian cold winters in past decades. nature geoscience, 7, 869-873

Shiogama H., Watanabe M., Ogura T., Yokohata T., Kimoto M. (2014) Multi-parameter multi-physics ensemble (MPMPE): a new approach exploring the uncertainties of climate sensitivity. Atmospheric Science Letters, 15 (2), 97-102

Imada Y., Shiogama H., Watanabe M, Mori M., Ishii M., Kimoto M. (2014) THE CONTRIBUTION OF ANTHROPOGENIC FORCING TO THE JAPANESE HEAT WAVES OF 2013. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 95 (9), S52-S54
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Kamae Y., Shiogama H., Watanabe M., Kimoto M. (2014) Attributing the Increase in Northern Hemisphere Hot Summers during the Last Half of the 20th Century and the Recent Climate Hiatus. AGU Fall Meeting 2014, Abstracts

Ogura T., Watanabe M., Kamae Y., Shiogama H., Tatebe H., Yokohata T., Kimoto M. (2014) Impact of a shallow convection parameterization to the cloud feedback in MIROC5. CFMIP-EUCLIPSE meeting on cloud processes and climate feedbacks, -

Ogura T., Shiogama H., Watanabe M., Yoshimori M., Yokohata T., Annan J.D., Hargreaves J.C. (2014) On the parametric uncertainty of the MIROC5 radiation bias. Asia Oceania Geosciences Society 11th annual meeting, -

Ogura T., Watanabe M., Yoshimori M., Kimoto M., Shiogama H., Kamae Y., Yokohata T., Annan J.D., Hargreaves J.C., Tatebe H. (2014) On the effectiveness and limitation of parameter tuning. WGCM workshop on model tuning, -

Shiogama H., Watanabe M, Ogura T., Yokohata T., Kimoto M. (2014) Multi-parameter Multi-physics Ensemble (MPMPE): A New Approach Exploring the Uncertainties of Climate Sensitivity. Asia Oceania Geosciences Society 11th Annual Meeting (AOGS2014), -

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