Senior Researcher
Last Update:2009/08/25
Researcher Name SHIOGAMA Hideo
Div (Section) name/title Center for Global Environmental Research(Climate Modeling and Analysis Section)/Senior Researcher
Research Subject Detection & Atrribution; Uncertainty of climate change projections; Uncertainty propagation
Researh Interests (1) Regional detection and attribution
(2) Study of uncertainty in climate change projection
(3) Uncertainty propagation from climate projection to impact assessments
Degree(s) Ph. D
Academic Speciality Field Earth Science,Science
Environmental Speciality Field global warming,climate projection
Membership of Academic Society Meteorological Society of Japan,American Meteorological Society

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Tanaka A., Takahashi K., Shiogama H., Hanasaki N., Masaki Y., Ito A., Noda H., Hijioka Y., Emori S. (2017) On the scaling of climate impact indicators with global mean temperature increase: a case study of terrestrial ecosystems and water resources. Climatic Change, 141, 775-782

Fujimori S., Abe M., Kinoshita T., Hasegawa T., Kawase H., Kushida K., Masui T., Oka K., Shiogama H., Takahashi K., Tatebe H. , Yoshikawa M. (2017) Downscaling Global Emissions and Its Implications Derived from Climate Model Experiments. PLOS ONE, 12 (1), e0169733-e0169733

Good P., Andrews T., Chadwick R., Dufresne J.L., Gregory J.M., Lowe J.A., Schaller N., Shiogama H. (2016) nonlinMIP contribution to CMIP6: model intercomparison project for non-linear mechanisms: physical basis, experimental design and analysis principles (v1.0). Geoscientific Model Development, 9, 4019-4028

Gillett N.P., Shiogama H., Funke B., Hegerl G., Knutti R., Matthes K., Santer B.D., Stone D., Tebaldi C. (2016) The Detection and Attribution Model Intercomparison Project (DAMIP v1.0) contribution to CMIP6. Geoscientific Model Development, 9, 3685-3697

Yoshimori M., Watanabe M., Shiogama H., Oka A., Abe-Ouchi A., Ohgaito R., Kamae Y. (2016) A review of progress towards understanding the transient global mean surface temperature response to radiative perturbation. Progress in Earth and Planetary Science, 3
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Hirota N., Ogura T., Tatabe H., Shiogama H., Watanabe M., Kimoto M. (2016) Improvements of the Eastward Propagation of the MJO in MIROC6. AGU Fall Meeting 2016, -

Takahashi K., Takayabu I., Ishizaki N., Shiogama H., Matsui T., Tanaka N., Emori S. (2015) Projection of potential habitats for beech (Fagus crenata) forests in Japan considering three different dynamic downscaling scenarios. IPCC Workshop on Regional Climate Projections and their Use in Impacts and Risk Analysis Studies, Abstracts

Kamae Y., Shiogama H., Watanabe M., Ishii M., Ueda H., Kimoto M. (2015) Revisiting the recent slowdown of upper tropospheric warming over the tropics. IUGG 26th General Assembly 2015, ¡ÖAbstracts¡×

Tanaka A., Takahashi K., Masutomi Y., Hanasaki N., Hijioka Y., Shiogama H., Yamanaka Y. (2015) Adaptation pathways to maintain global wheat production through the 21st century. 2nd European Climate Change Adaptation conference (ECCA), ECCA 2015 Abstract book

Ogura T., Kamae Y., Shiogama H., Watanabe M., Yokohata T., Tatebe H., Satoh M., Kodama C., Yamada Y., Noda A. T., Chen Y. W., Tsushima Y., Kimoto M. (2014) Factors contributing to the uncertainty in cloud feedback and climate sensitivity. International workshop on risk information on climate change, -

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