Principal Researcher
Last Update:2014/06/03
Researcher Name YAMAGATA Yoshiki
Div (Section) name/title Center for Global Environmental Research(Climate Risk Assessment Section)/Principal Researcher
Research Subject Spatially explicit land use scenario, Urban and regional carbon management, global environmental regime
Degree(s) Ph.D.
Academic Speciality Field System Engineering,Mathematics,Geography
Environmental Speciality Field Climate change,ecosystem remote sensing,land use modeling

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Sharifi A., Yamagata Y., Chelleri L., Fox-Lent C., Grafakos S., Pathak M., Olazabal M., Moloney S., Yumagulova L. (2017) Conceptualizing Dimensions and Characteristics of Urban Resilience: Insights from a Co-Design Process. Sustainability, 9 (6), 1032

Yamagata Y., Seya H., Maruyama D. (2016) Urban Economics Model for Land - Use Planning. Modeling Urban Heatwave Risk in Adelaide, South Australia. Flood Risk Management in Cities. Resilient Community Clustering: A Graph Theoretical Approach. Agent - Based Modeling- A tool for Urban Resilience Research?. Urban Resilience Assessment: Multiple Dimensions, Criteria, and Indicators. In: Yamagata Y., Maruyama H., Urban Resilience Atransformative Approach, Springer, 25-43 45-62 63-77 115-133 135-151 259-276

Creutzig F., Agoston P., Minx J.C., Canadell J.G., Andrew R.M., Quere C.L., Peters G.P., Sharifi A., Yamagata Y., Dhakal S. (2016) Urban infrastructure choices structure climate solutions. Nature Climate Change, 6, 1054-1056

Fuss S., Jones C.D., Kraxner F., Peters G.P., Smith P., Tavoni M., Van Vuuren D.P., Canadell J.G., Jackson R.B., Milne J., Moreira J.R., Nakicenovic N., Sharifi A., Yamagata Y. (2016) Research priorities for negative emissions. Environmental Research Letters, 11 (11)

Sharifi A., Yamagata Y. (2016) On the suitability of assessment tools for guiding communities towards disaster resilience. International Journa lof Disaster Risk Reduction, 18, 115-124
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Murakami D., Yamagata Y., Yoshida T. (2016) A Statistical Analysis of Urban BIG-DATA Toward Real-Time and Street Level Heatwave Risk Management. UPE12, -

Yamagata Y., Murakami D. (2016) Climate change risk management:CO2 and urban heat monitorling & modeling. STM2016, -

Murakami D., Yamagata Y. (2016) Urban CO2 modeling with open geodata toward global carbon mapping. AGU FALL MEETING 2016, Abstracts

Yamagata Y. (2016) LAND USE SCENARIOS: FROM GLOBAL NEGATIVE EMISSION TO LOCAL ECOSYSTEM ASSESSMENT. Dasan Conference 2016, Program & Abstract Book, 66-67

Yamagata Y. (2016) How scenarios and models could support policy: Policy relevance at local, regional and global scales. 2016 MOTIVE International Workshop, Program Book, 155-165

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