Last Update:2017/01/20
Researcher Name TAKAMURA Noriko
Div (Section) name/title Center for Environmental Biology and Ecosystem Studies(Biwako Branch)/Fellow
Tel +81-29-850-2471
E-mail noriko-t (*add @nies.go.jp)
Research Subject Conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in freshwaters
Researh Interests Studies on lake and pond managements for their sustainability and biodiversity conservation
Studies on lake or pond restoration
Degree(s) phD
Professional Qualification(s) lisence of boat driving
Academic Speciality Field Biology
Environmental Speciality Field water environment,biodiversity conservation,ecosystem management
Keyword(s) ecosystem management,lake conservation,biodiversity monitoring,lake restoration,plankton monitoring
Membership of Academic Society The Japanese Society of Limnology,Ecological Society of Japan,Ecology and Civil Engineering Society (ECES)

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Ishii Y., Hayashi S., Takamura N. (2017) Radiocesium Transfer in Forest Insect Communities after the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident. PLoS ONE , 12 (1)

Takamura N., Nakagawa M., Hanazato T (2017) Zooplankton abundance in the pelagic region of Lake Kasumigaura (Japan): monthly data since 1980. Ecological Research, 32, 1-1

Nishikawa U., Azuma N., Larson E.R., Abbott C.L., Olden J.D., Akanuma H., Takamura K., Takamura N. (2016) Phylogeographic insights into the invasion history and secondary spread of the signal crayfish in Japan.. Ecology and Evolution, 1-17

Takamura N., Nakagawa M. (2016) Photosynthesis and primary production in Lake Kasumigaura (Japan) monitored monthly since 1981. Ecological Research, 31 (3), 287

Natsumeda T., Takamura N., Nakagawa M., Kadono Y., Tanaka T., Mitsuhashi H. (2015) Environmental and biotic characteristics to discriminate farm ponds with and without exotic largemouth bass and bluegill in western Japan. Limnology, 16, 139-148
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Komatsu K., Imai A., Tomioka N., Takamura N., Nakagawa M., Sato T., Shimotori K., Kohzu A., Shinohara R. (2016) Estimation of primary production in Lake Kasumigaura by using in situ measurement by fast repetition rate fluorometry (FRRF). SIL XXXIII Congress, Abstracts, 107-108

Takamura N., Ishida S., Kadoya T., Takenaka A., Akasaka M., Shimada M., Kadono Y. (2013) THE ROLE OF IRRIGATION PONDS IN FRESHWATER BIODIVERSITY AND THEIR CONSERVATION IN JAPAN. 32nd Congress of the International Society of Limnology, Abstracts, 82

Kizuka T., Akasaka M., Kadoya T., Takamura N. (2013) Visibility as a predictor of distribution patterns of invasive fish species in agricultural ponds. 32nd Congress of the International Society of Limnology, Programme & Book of abstracts, 179

Takamura N. (2013) Observations of freshwater biodiversity in Japan, China, and SE Asian countries.. The 6th GEOSS Asia-Pacific Syposium, -

Kadoya T., Akasaka M., Aoki T., Takamura N. (2012) Exploring an integrated biodiversity indicator for agricultural ponds. International congress of Odonatology 2012, -

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