KAWACHI Masanobu
Last Update:2018/04/20
Researcher Name KAWACHI Masanobu
Div (Section) name/title Center for Environmental Biology and Ecosystem Studies(Biodiversity Resource Conservation Office)/Head
Research Subject Studies on the biodiversity of algae concerning with environmental problems and algal culture collection
Degree(s) Doctor of Science
Academic Speciality Field Biology
Environmental Speciality Field water bloom,biodiversity,biofuel
Membership of Academic Society The Japanese Society of Phycology (JSP) ,Japan Society for Culture Collections (JSCC),The Botanical Society of Japan,International Phycological Society

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Ohmura Y., Takeshita S., Kawachi M. (2018) Photobiont diversity within populations of a vegetatively reproducing lichen, Parmotrema tinctorum, can be generated by photobiont switching. Symbiosis,

Shoguchi E., Beedessee G., Tada I., Hisata K., Kawashima T. , Takeuchi T., Arakaki N. , Fujie M., Koyanagi R., Roy M.C., Kawachi M., Hidaka M., Satoh N., Shinzato C. (2018) Two divergent Symbiodinium genomes reveal conservation of a gene cluster for sunscreen biosynthesis and recently lost genes. BMC genomics, 19 (1), 1-11

Suzuki S., Yamaguchi H., Hiraoka M., Kawachi M. (2018) Mitochondrial and chloroplast genome sequences of Ulva ohno, a green-tide-forming macroalga in the Southern coastal regions of Japan. Mitochondrial DNA Part B, 3 (2), 765-767

Nozaki H., Ueki N., Takusagawa M., Yamashita S., Misumi O., Matsuzaki R., Kawachi M., Chiang Y.R., Wu J.T. (2018) Morphology, taxonomy and mating-type loci in natural populations of Volvox carteri in Taiwan. Botanical studies, 59 (1), 1-8

Suzuki S., Yamaguchi H., Nakajima N., Kawachi M. (2018) Raphidocelis subcapitata (=Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata) provides an insight into genome evolution and environmental adaptations in the Sphaeropleales. Scientific Reports, 8 (1), 8058
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Kawachi M., Yamaguchi H., Suzuki J., Kogame K., Hanyuda T., Yamaguchi A., Kawai H. (2017) The 4th term National BioResource Project Algae in Japan. The 8th Asian Pacific Phycological Forum, Abstracts, 38

Ota S., Yamaguchi H., Yamagishi T., Tatarazako N., Fuchida S., Koshikawa H., Kawachi M. (2017) Development of methods to assess the toxic effects of heavy metals on microalgae using a microbial viability test. 8th Asian Pacific Phycological Forum (APPF 2017), Abstracts, 153

Suzuki S., Yamaguchi H., Nakajima N., Kawachi M. (2017) Genome sequence of Raphidocelis subcapitata provides new genetic tools for toxicological assessment. 8th Asian Pacific Phycological Farum, Programme & Abstracts APPF 2017, 72

Yamaguchi H., Tanabe Y., Kataoka T., Tomioka N., Kawachi M. (2017) The ftsZ amplicon analysis reveals intraspecific dynamics of Microcystis aeruginosa in Lake Kasumigaura, Japan. The 8th Asian Pacific Phycological Forum, Abstracts, 183

Matsuzaki R., Nozaki H., Takeuchi N., Hara Y., Kawachi M. (2017) Taxonomy of a new snow-inhabiting species of Chloromonas based on the use of cultured and field-collected materials. The Fourth International Volvox Conference, Abstracts, 12

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