Senior Researcher
Last Update:2013/08/12
Researcher Name OGURA Tomoo
Div (Section) name/title Center for Global Environmental Research(Climate Modeling and Analysis Section)/Senior Researcher
Research Subject climate projection with numerical models
Researh Interests Currently interested in the improvement of cloud parameterization of a climate model. Also interested in variation of cloud feedbacks between climate models in a climate change projection.
Degree(s) Doctor of Philosophy in Science
Academic Speciality Field Physics,Computer Science,Earth Science
Environmental Speciality Field global warming,climate projection,meteorology
Keyword(s) global climate model,parameterization
Career 2002 March Graduated, Department of Earth and Planetary Science, University of Tokyo, Ph.D. in Science
2002 May Researcher, Center for Climate System Research, University of Tokyo
2003 July Researcher, National Institute for Environmental Studies
2006 January-November Visiting scientist, Met Office Hadley Centre
2008 July Senior Researcher, National Institute for Environmental Studies
Membership of Academic Society Meteorological Society of Japan,American Geophysical Union

Research Subject (View all list click here)
1115AA012 : Study on global risks related to climate change
1216CE003 : Towards reducing uncertainty in climate sensitivity
1216CE002 : Program for generation of climate change risk information
1116LA001 : Improvement of coupled general circulation models based on validations of Arctic climate reproducibility and on mechanism analysis of Arctic climate change and variability
Research Result(Latest five records)
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Shiogama H., Ogura T. (2014) Clouds of uncertainty. Nature, 505, 34-35

Ogura T., Webb M.J., Watanabe M., Lambert F. H., Tsushima Y., Sekiguchi M. (2013) Importance of instantaneous radiative forcing for rapid tropospheric adjustment. Climate Dynamics,

Ishizaki Y., Shiogama H., Emori S., Yokohata T., Toru N., Takahashi K., Ogura T., Masakazu Y., Nagashima T. (2013) Dependence of Precipitation Scaling Patterns on Emission Scenarios for Representative Concentration Pathways. JOURNAL OF CLIMATE, 26 (22), 8868-8879

Watanabe M., Shiogama H., Yoshimori M., Ogura T., Yokohata T., Okamoto H., Emori S., Kimoto M. (2012) Fast and slow timescales in the tropical low-cloud response to increasing CO2 in two climate models. Climate Dynamics, 39, 1627-1641

Shiogama H., Watanabe M., Yoshimori M., Yokohata T., Ogura T., Annan J.D., Hargreaves J.C., Abe M., Kamae Y., O'ishi R., Nobui R., Emori S., Nozawa T., Abe-Ouchi A., Kimoto M. (2012) Perturbed physics ensemble using the MIROC5 coupled atmosphere-ocean GCM without flux corrections: experimental design and results. Climate Dynamics, 39, 3041-3056
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Kamae Y., Shiogama H., Watanabe M., Ogura T., Yokohata T., Kimoto M. (2014) Lower tropospheric mixing intensity and climate sensitivity in Multi-Parameter Multi-Physics Ensemble (MPMPE). Tropical Meteorology Workshop 2014, -

Kamae Y., Watanabe M., Ogura T. (2014) Effective radiative forcing associated with tropospheric adjustment to increasing CO2. AOGS 11th Annual Meeting, -

Shiogama H., Watanabe M., Ogura T., Yokohata T., Kamae Y., Kimoto M. (2014) Multi-Parameter Multi-Physics Ensemble (MPMPE): A New Approach Exploring the Uncertainties of Climate Sensitivity. CFMIP/EUCLIPSE Meeting on Cloud Processes and Climate Feedbacks, -

Kamae Y., Shiogama H., Ogura T., Yokohata T., Watanabe M., Kimoto M. (2014) Factors controlling shortwave cloud feedbacks in Multi-Parameter Multi-Physics Ensemble (MPMPE). CFMIP/EUCLIPSE Meeting on Cloud Processes and Climate Feedbacks, -

Ogura T., Shiogama H., Watanabe M., Yoshimori M., Yokohata T., Chikira M., Kamae Y., Abe M., Ishizaki Y., Mochizuki T., Kawai H., Ishii M., Kimoto M. (2014) On the parametric and structural uncertainty of MIROC5 radiation bias. International workshop on climate system modeling –Climate 2014-, -

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