Last Update:2016/08/01
Researcher Name TANIMOTO Hiroshi
Div (Section) name/title Center for Global Environmental Research(Global Atmospheric Chemistry Section)/Head
Tel +81-29-850-2930
E-mail tanimoto (*add @nies.go.jp)
Research Subject Global atmospheric chemistry
Researh Interests Atmospheric Chemistry, Environmental Science, Global Biogeochemistry
Degree(s) Ph.D.
Academic Speciality Field Chemistry,Physics,Earth Science
Environmental Speciality Field global environment,air pollution,climate change
Brief Description of Research * Air quality in Asia: Tropospheric ozone and its precursors
* Proton Transfer Reaction - Mass Spectrometry (PTR-MS)
* Biomass burning in Siberia: Emissions and environmental impacts
* Monitoring of reactive trace gases and aerosols
* Standardization of trace gases for atmospheric chemistry
* Interaction of climate change with air quality
Career Apr. 2011 - Present: Head, NIES/CGER, Global Atmospheric Chemistry Section
Jun. 2010 - Mar. 2011: Head, NIES/AED, Atmospheric Chemistry Section
Apr. 2006 - May 2010: Sen. Res. Sci., NIES/AERG, Reg. Atmos. Model. Sec.
Apr. 2005 - Mar. 2006: Sen. Res. Sci., NIES/AED, Atmos. Chem. Reac. Sec.
Apr. 2001 - Mar. 2005: Res. Sci., NIES/AED, Atmos. Chem. Reac. Sec.
Membership of Academic Society The Japan Society of Atmospheric Chemistry,The Geochemical Society of Japan,American Geophysical Union,Japanese Society for Atmospheric Environment

Research Subject (View all list click here)
1518CD008 : Global observations of volatile organic compounds dissolved in surface seawater with a novel mass spectrometry
1416NA001 : Studies on evolution of aerosols by oligomerization after uptake of gases on aerosols
1620AA011 : Study on multi-scale evaluation system for GHG variation and mitigation
2129BY001 : Quality control for ozone measurement scale in Japan
1620AP001 : Long-term monitoring and database for global environmental research and supporting for related activities
1620AQ038 : Atmospheric and Oceanic Monitoring
Research Result(Latest five records)
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Parrish D.D., Galbally I.E., Lamarque J.F., Naik V., Horowitz L., Shindell D.T., Oltmans S.J., Derwent R., Tanimoto H., Labuschagne C., Cupeiro M. (2016) Seasonal cycles of O3 in the marine boundary layer: Observation and model simulation comparisons. Journal of Geophysical Research, 121, 538-557

Brown P.A., Inomata S., Tanimoto H., Sato K., Sakamoto Y., Yajima R., Hirokawa J. (2016) Dialdehyde production during direct dissociation of energy-rich Criegee intermediates produced by ozonolysis of cycloalkenes. Chemistry Letters, 45 (8), 916-918

Inomata S., Yamada H., Tanimoto H. (2016) Investigation on VOC Emissions from Automobile Sources by Means of On-line Mass Spectrometry. Current Pollution Reports, 2 (3), 188-199

Morino Y., Nagashima T., Sugata S., Sato K., Tanabe K., Noguchi T., Takami A., Tanimoto H., Ohara T. (2015) Verification of Chemical Transport Models for PM2.5 Chemical Composition Using Simultaneous Measurement Data over Japan. Aerosol and Air Quality Research, 15, 2009-2023

Yamada H., Inomata S., Tanimoto H. (2015) Refueling emissions from cars in Japan: Compositions, temperature dependence and effect of vapor liquefied collection sistem. Atmospheric Environment, 120, 455-462
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Inomata S., Tanimoto H., Sato K., Morino Y., Tanabe K., Brown P., Yajima R., Sakamoto Y., Hirokawa J. (2016) Simultaneous and time-resolved measurement of alpha-pinene ozonolysis products in gaseous and aerosol phases for the determination of gas-aerosol partitioning. 2016 IGAC Science Conference, -

Sato K., Fujitani Y., Inomata S., Morino Y., Shimono A., Hikida T., Imamura T., Takami A., Tanimoto H., Tanabe K. (2016) Volatility of alpha-pinene ozonolysis secondary organic aerosol: Importance of heterogeneous reactions. 32nd Symposium on Chemical Kinetics and Dynamics, Abstracts, 82

Nagashima T., Morino Y., Kurokawa J., Yumimoto K., Itahashi S., Goto D., Tanimoto H., Ikeda K., Ohara T. (2016) Recent development of East Asian air quality assessment system. 7th International Workshop on Atmospheric Modeling Research in East Asia, Abstracts, 14

Inomata S., Tanimoto H., Yamada H. (2016) Analysis of evaporative emissions from gasoline vehicles by using NO+ chemical ionization mass spectrometry. 7th International Conference on Proton Transfer Reaction Mass Spectrometry and its Applications, Abstracts, 30-33

Yamada H., Inomata S., Tanimoto H. (2015) Experimental Evaluation of Refueling Emissions: Amount and Components. The 13th International Conference on Atmospheric Sciences and Applications to Air Quality, -

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