TAKAMI Akinori
Last Update:2009/10/25
Researcher Name TAKAMI Akinori
Div (Section) name/title Center for Regional Environmental Research(Center for Regional Environmental Research)/Director
Research Subject Observational study of atmospheric environment in East Asia
Degree(s) PhDD.Phil
Academic Speciality Field Chemistry,Chemical Engineering
Environmental Speciality Field atmospheric chemistry

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1620AA046 : A study of air pollution including PM2.5 and its health and toxic effects
1620AA048 : Research project on the scientific and social framework of risk assessment and management
1620SP040 : Research program on health and environmental safety
1620FP040 : Regional Environmental Research
1620AP008 : Long-term monitoring for the regional air quality
1517AO003 : Atmospheric behavior and toxicity study of particulate matters from un-regulated burning
1719BA003 : A Study for Acute Effects of Stroke and Mortality Caused by PM2.5 and Coarse Particle
1719BA004 : A study for radiative forces caused by black carbon and dust particle
1719BA005 : Development of a Multimedia Model for Predicting Spatiotemporal Distribution of Hydrogen Peroxide
1517BD001 : Development of measurement method of semi volatile primary aerosols by isothermal dilution at combustion sources
1618BY001 : Development of accurate hourly PM2.5 monitoring instrument
1719AO001 : Source apportionment of various toxicities by atmospheric organic aerosols
1418BA002 : Development of evaluation system for multiscale air quality change and analysis of change events
1620AQ038 : Atmospheric and Oceanic Monitoring
1620AU004 : Climate Change Strategy Collaboration Office
Research Result(Latest five records)
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Sato K., Fujitani Y., Inomata S., Morino Y., Tanabe K., Ramasamy S., Hikida T., Shimono A., Takami A., Fushimi A., Kondo Y., Imamura T., Tanimoto H., Sugata S. (2017) Lower than expected volatility of secondary organic aerosols formed during -pinene ozonolysis. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions, acp-2017-860

Fushimi A., Saitoh K., Hayashi K., Ono K., Fujitani Y., Villalobos A.M., Shelton B.R., Takami A., Tanabe K., Schauer J.J. (2017) Chemical characterization and oxidative potential of particles emitted from open burning of cereal straws and rice husk under flaming and smoldering conditions. Atmospheric Environment, 163, 118-127

Fujitani Y., Saitoh K., Kondo Y., Fushimi A., Takami A., Tanabe K., Kobayashi S. (2016) Characterization of structure of single particles from various automobile engines under steady-state conditions. AEROSOL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, 50 (10), 1055-1067

Goto D., Ueda K., Ng C.F.S., Takami A., Ariga T., Matsuhashi K., Nakajima T. (2016) Estimation of excess mortality due to long-term exposure to PM2.5 in Japan using a high-resolution model for present and future scenarios. Atmospheric Environment, 140, 320-332

Sato Y., Higuchi A., Takami A., Murakami A., Masutomi Y., Tsuchiya K., Goto D., Nakajima T. (2016) Regional variability in the impacts of future land use on summertimetemperatures in Kanto region, the Japanese megacity. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening, (20), 43-55
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Fujitani Y., Sato K., Fushimi A., Tanabe K., Kondo Y., Morino Y., Kobayashi S., Takami A. (2017) Measurement of the volatility distribution of emission factor from biomass burning. European Aerosol Conference 2017, Abstracts

Shimada K., Yang X., Kim Y.P., Sato K., Lin N.H., Chan C.K., Nakashima Y., Matsuda K., Chen K., Takami A., Itahashi S., Meng F., Hatakeyama S. (2017) Analysis of trans-boundary air pollution in East Asia with the use of international observational network on isolated islands. The 58th Annual Meeting of Japan Society for Atmospheric Environment, Abstracts, 97

Kojima S., Michikawa T., Ueda K., Sakamoto T., Matsui K., Kojima K., Tsujita K., Ogawa H., Nitta H., Takami A. (2017) Preexisting chronic kidney disease increases the risk of triggering acute myocardial infarction due to Asian dust exposure. European Society of Cardiology Congress 2017, Abstracts, 328

Shimada K., Miura K., Sugiyama T., Sato K., Takami A., Chak K.C., Yong P.K., Neng-Huei L., Hatakeyama S. (2017) Seasonal and Annual Changes in PAHs Transported from East Asia to Cape Hedo, Okinawa. The 10th Asian Aerosol Conference, Abstracts, 40

Fujitani Y., Takami A., Kobayashi S. (2017) Source Apportionment of Organic Aerosols by Using Aerosol Mass Spectrum Data of Traffic Intersection in Japan. The 10th Asian Aerosol Conference, Abstracts, 66

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