Last Update:2016/07/26
Researcher Name SUGATA Seiji
Div (Section) name/title Center for Regional Environmental Research(Regional Atmospheric Modeling Section)/Head
Research Subject Material transport in the atmosphere
Degree(s) Doctor of Science
Academic Speciality Field Science,Earth Science
Environmental Speciality Field air pollution,global warming

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Sato K., Fujitani Y., Inomata S., Morino Y., Tanabe K., Ramasamy S., Hikida T., Shimono A., Takami A., Fushimi A., Kondo Y., Imamura T., Tanimoto H., Sugata S. (2017) Lower than expected volatility of secondary organic aerosols formed during α-pinene ozonolysis. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions, acp-2017-860

Morino Y., Nagashima T., Sugata S., Sato K., Tanabe K., Noguchi T., Takami A., Tanimoto H., Ohara T. (2015) Verification of Chemical Transport Models for PM2.5 Chemical Composition Using Simultaneous Measurement Data over Japan. Aerosol and Air Quality Research, 15, 2009-2023

Shirai T., Yokouchi Y., Sugata S., Maksyutov S. (2010) HCFC-22 flux estimates over East Asia by inverse modeling from hourly observations at Hateruma monitoring station. J.Geophys.Res., 115, D15303

Ohara T., Yamaji K., Uno I., Tanimoto H., Sugata S., Nagashima T., Kurokawa J., Horii N., Akimoto H. (2008) Long-term simulations of surface ozone in East Asia During 1980-2020 with CMAQ and REAS inventory. In: Borrego C.,Miranda A.I. , Air Pollution Modeling and Its Application 19(NATO Science for Peace and Security Series C: Environmental Security), Springer, 136-144.

Adachi S., Kimura F., Sugata S., Hayasaki M., Kurosaki Y., Wakamatsu S. (2007) Dust transport along a cold front: A case study of a cyclone observed on 19-20 April 2000 in Northeast Asia. J.Jpn.Soc.Atmos.Environ.(大気環境学会誌), 42 (6), 327-338
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Sugata S. (2017) Improving Observation networks and Numerical models to meet atmospheric environmental standards. International Co-Design Workshop on Earth observation in Support of the Sustainable Development Goals – The Case of Urban Areas in Asia, -

Sugata S. (2013) Understanding of the actual state of PM2.5 in Japan based on the observation network. 54th annual meeting of the Japan Society for Atmospheric Environment, Abstracts, 110-111

Sugata S., Morino Y., Ohara T., Nishizawa M., Kurokawa J., Hayasaki M. (2011) Air quality perspectives from Japan and response/impact of the recent Earthquake/Tsunami. 3rd International Workshop on Air Quality Forecasting Research, Program of 3rd International Workshop on Air Quality Forecasting Research

Sugata S., Ohara T., Kurokawa J., Hayasaki M. (2011) Development of the air pollution forecast system VENUS and its validation. 10th Annual CMAS Conference, 2011 Conference Agenda of 10th Annual CMAS Conference

Morino Y., Kondo Y., Ohara T., Sugata S., Takegawa N., Fukuda M. (2008) Ozone production over the Tokyo Metropolitan Area: Physical and chemical processes simulated by Community Multiscale Air Quality Model(CMAQ). AGU Fall Meeting 2008, Abstracts, A34C-08

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