Senior Researcher
Last Update:2011/12/05
Researcher Name SHIMIZU Atsushi
Div (Section) name/title Center for Regional Environmental Research(Regional Atmospheric Environment Section)/Senior Researcher
Research Subject Study of distribution of aerosols in Asia using optical remote sensing
Degree(s) Doctor of Science
Academic Speciality Field Physics,Earth Science
Environmental Speciality Field Atmospheric Physics
Career Mar 1999, Dr. Sci.(Kyoto Univ., Graduate School of Science)
Dec 1999, National Institute for Environmental Studies
URL http://www-lidar.nies.go.jp
Membership of Academic Society Meteorological Society of Japan,American Geophysical Union,Japan Geoscience Union,Japan Association of Aerosol Science and Technology (JAAST)

Research Subject (View all list click here)
1418BA002 : Development of evaluation system for multiscale air quality change and analysis of change events
1216KB002 : Study on construction of monitoring, forecasting, and warning system for tropospheric aerosol events
1620AA046 : A study of air pollution including PM2.5 and its health and toxic effects
1519CD001 : Advancement of climate change prediction by aerosol ground-based remote-sensing network
1517BA003 : Development of an Advisory and Assessment System for the Environmental Impacts of Aeolian Dust
1620AP008 : Long-term monitoring for the regional air quality
1620SP040 : Research program on health and environmental safety
Research Result(Latest five records)
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Quennehen B., Raut J.C., Daskalakis N., Ancellet G., Clerbaux C., Kim S.W., Myhre G., Olivie D.J.L, Skeie R.B., Thomas J.L., Tsyro S., Bazureau A., Bellouin N., Hu M., Kanakidou M., Klimont Z., Kupiainen K., Myriokefalitakis S., Quaas J., Rumbold S.T., Schulz M., Cherian R., Shimizu A., Wang J., Yoon S.C., Zhu T. (2016) Multi-model evaluation of short-lived pollutant distributions over east Asia during summer 2008. Atmospheic Chemisty and Physics, 16, 10765-10792

Sugimoto N., Shimizu A., Matsui I., Nishikawa M. (2016) A method for estimating the fraction of mineral dust in particulate matter using PM2.5-to-PM10 ratios. Particuplogy, 28, 114-120

Shimada K., Takami A., Kato S., Kajii Y., Hasegawa S., Fushimi A., Shimizu A., Sugimoto N., Chan C.K, Kim Y.P., Lin N.H., Hatakeyama S. (2016) Characteristics of carbonaceous aerosols in large-scale Asian wintertime outflows at Cape Hedo,Okinawa,Japan. Journal of Aerosol Science, (100), 97-107

Yoshino A., Takami A., Sato K., Shimizu A., Kaneyasu N., Hatakeyama S., Hara K., Hayashi M. (2016) Influence of Trans-Boundary Air Pollution on the Urban Atmosphere in Fukuoka, Japan. Atmosphere, 7 (51)

Kanatani K., Hamazaki K., Inadera H., Sugimoto N., Shimizu A., Noma H., Onishi K., Takahashi Y., Itazawa T., Egawa M., Sato K., Go T., Ito I., Kurozawa Y., Konishi I., Adachi Y., Nakayama T. (2016) Effect of desert dust exposure on allergic symptoms : A natural experiment in Japan. Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, 116 (5), 425-430
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Sugimoto N., Shimizu A., Nishizawa T. (2016) Validation/assimilation of aerosol chemical transport models using the ground-based lidar network (AD-Net). 2016 International Asian dust and Aerosol Workshop, Abstracts, 17

Nishizawa T., Sugimoto N., Matsui I., Shimizu A., Higurashi A., Jin Y. (2016) The Asian dust and aerosol lidar observation network (AD-Net): current status and progress. International Skynet Workshop, abstracts

Sugimoto N., Nishizawa T., Shimizu A., Jin Y. (2016) Observation of distribution and characteristics of mineral dust using lidars and in-situ optical particle counters. Third JSPS Seminar: Collaborative Research between Mongolia, China and Japan on Outbreaks of Asian Dust and Environmental Regime Shift, Abstracts, 18

Sugimoto N., Nishizawa T., Shimizu A., Jin Y., Oikawa E. (2016) Validation/assimilation of chemical transport models using AD-Net lidar data. International Cooperative for Aerosol Prediction: Lidar Data and its use in Model Verification and Data Assimilation, -

Shimizu A., Sugimoto N., Matsui I., Nishizawa T., Jin Y. (2016) ACTIVITIES IN 15 YEARS OF AD-NET, A LIDAR NETWORK FOR ASIAN DUST STUDIES. 2nd International Conference on Atmospheric Dust, Scientific Research Abstracts vol. 5 - DUST 2016, 139

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