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Optimization of Neurosphere Assays using Human Neuronal Progenitor Cells for Developmental Neurotoxicity Testing
Zeng Y.(ZENG Yang), Yang W., Zeng Q(曾勤), Nansai H.(南齋ひろ子), Zhang Z., Sone H.(曽根秀子)
American Journal of Tissue Engineering and Stem Cell, 2(1):7-18 (2015)

The potential for chemical mixtures from the environment to enable the cancer hallmark of sustained proliferative signalling
Engstrom W., Darbre P., Eriksson S., Gulliver L., Hultman T., Karamouzis M.V., Klaunig J.E., Mehta R., Moorwood K., Sanderson T., Sone H.(曽根秀子), Vadgama P., Wagemaker G., Ward A., Singh N., Mulla F.A.L., Temaimi R.A.L., Amedei A., Colacci A.M., Vaccari M., Mondello C., Scovassi A.I., Raju J., Hamid R.A., Memeo L., Forte S., Roy R., Woodrick J., Salem H.K., Ryan E.P., Brown D.G., Bisson W.H.
Carcinogenesis, 36(1):38-60 (2015)

Assessing the carcinogenic potential of low-dose exposures to chemical mixtures in the environment: the challenge ahead
Goodson WH 3rd., Sone H.(曽根秀子)
Carcinogenesis, 36:254-296 (2015)

Determination of natural and synthetic glucocorticoids in effluent of sewage treatment plants using ultrahigh performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry
Isobe T.(磯部友彦), Sato K., Kim J.-W., Tanabe S., Suzuki G.(鈴木剛), Nakayama K.
Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 22:14127-14135 (2015)

Augmenting effects of gestational arsenite exposure of C3H mice on the hepatic tumors of the F2 male offspring via the F1 male offspring
Nohara K.(野原恵子), Okamura K.(岡村和幸), Suzuki T.(鈴木武博), Murai H.(村井景), Michikawa T.(道川武紘), Ito T., Shinjo K., Takumi S., Kondo Y., Hata K.
Journal of Applied Toxicology, 36(1):105-112 (2015)

A register-based study of the association between air pollutants and hypertensive disorders in pregnancy among the Japanese population
Michikawa T.(道川武紘), Morokuma S., Fukushima K., Ueda K.(上田佳代), Takeuchi A.(武内章記), Kato, Nitta H.(新田裕史)
Environmental Research, 142:644-650 (2015)

Evaluation of elemental quantitative values of atmospheric aerosol samples by PIXE method
Saitoh K., Fushimi A.(伏見暁洋), Fujitani Y.(藤谷雄二), Tanabe K.(田邊潔), Sato K.(佐藤圭), Takami A.(高見昭憲), Sera K.
International Journal of PIX, 25(1&2):13-22 (2015)

A sensitive, rapid, and simple DR-EcoScreen bioassay for the determination of PCDD/Fs and dioxin-like PCBs in environmental and food samples
Kojima H., Takeuchi S., Iida M., Nakayama S.F.(中山祥嗣), Shiozaki T.
Environmental Science and Pollutant Research International (2015)

エアロゾル研究, 30(4):290-291 (2015)

<書評>「環境汚染化学 有機汚染物質の動態から探る」
環境化学, 25(4):215 (2015)

河合徹, 鈴木規之, 櫻井健郎
環境ホルモン学会ニュースレター, 18(3):2 (2015)

Detection and measurement of the agonistic activities of PCBs and mono-hydroxylated PCBs to the costitutive androstane receptor using a recombinant yeast assay
Kamata R., Shiraishi F.(白石不二雄), Kageyama S., Nakajima D.(中島大介)
Toxicology in Vitro, 29:1859-1867 (2015)


THE LUNG, 23(4):391-395 (2015)

Interspecies quantitative structure-activity relationships (QSARs) for eco-toxicity screening of chemicals: the role of physicochemical properties
Furuhama A.(古濱彩子), Hasunuma K.(蓮沼和夫), Aoki Y.(青木康展)
SAR and QSAR in Environmental Research, 26(10):809-830 (2015)

Macrophage Receptor with Collagenous Structure (MARCO) Is Processed by either Macropinocytosis or Endocytosis-Autophagy Pathway
Hirano S.(平野靖史郎), Kanno S.
Plos ONE, 10(11):e0142062-e0142062 (2015)

Toxic identification and evaluation of androgen receptor antagonistic activities in acid-treated liver extracts of high-trophic level wild animals from Japan
Misaki K., Suzuki G.(鈴木剛), Tue N.M., Takahashi S., Someya M., Takigami H.(滝上英孝), Tajima Y., Yamada T.K., Amano M., Isobe T.(磯部友彦), Tanabe S.
Environmental Science and Technology, 49:11840-11848 (2015)

Detection of glucocorticoid receptor agonists in effluents from sewage treatment plants in Japan
Suzuki G.(鈴木剛), Sato K., Isobe T.(磯部友彦), Takigami H.(滝上英孝), Brouwer A., Nakayama K.
Science of the Total Environment, 527-528:328-334 (2015)

大谷吉生, 小島知子, 並木則和, 諏訪好英, 飯田健次郎, 田島奈穂子, 和田匡司, 反町篤行, 中山智喜, 藤谷雄二, 黒木智之, 宗村大樹, 濱大祐, 白鳥雄大, 鍵直樹
エアロゾル研究, 30(3):209-217 (2015)

Repulsive apoptosis during exposure of mesencepharic neural stem cells to silver nanoparticles in a neurosphere assay in vitro
Ishido M.(石堂正美), Shimaya E.(島谷詠子), Kurokawa Y.(黒河佳香), Hirano S.(平野靖史郎)
Current Drug Discovery Technologies, 12(1):43-51 (2015)

Increasing Scientific Confidence in Adverse Outcome Pathways: Application of Tailored Bradford-Hill Considerations for Evaluating Weight of Evidence
Becker R. A., Ankley G. T., Edwards S.W., Kennedy S.W., Linkov I, Meek B., Sachana M., Segner H., Van Der Burg B., Villeneuve D.L., Watanabe H.(渡部春奈), Barton-Maclaren T.S.
Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology, 72:514-537 (2015)

無機ヒ素によるマウス肝がん増加に関連したエピジェネティック変化とDNA メチル化マーカーの探索
鈴木武博, 野原恵子
日本衛生学雑誌, 70(3):181-185 (2015)

Patterns of Sensitization to Inhalant Allergens in Japanese Lower-Grade Schoolchildren and Related Factors
YAMAZAKI S.(山崎新), Shima M., Nakadate T., Ohara T.(大原利眞), Omori T., Ono M.(小野雅司), Sato T., Nitta H.(新田裕史)
International Archives of Allergy and Immunology, 167(4):253-263 (2015)

Atmospheric Nanoparticles and their Potential Health Effects
Fujitani Y.(藤谷雄二), Furuyama A.(古山昭子), Hirano S.(平野靖史郎)
PM2.5: Role of Oxidative Stress in Health Effects and Prevention Strategy, 143-158 (2015)

Sagai M, Tin-Tin-Win-Shwe
Nihon Eiseigaku Zasshi, 70(3):220-229 (2015)

Health Effects of Silver Nanoparticles and Silver Ions
Miyayama T., Arai Y., Hirano S.(平野靖史郎)
Biological Effects of Fibrous and Particulate Substances (2015)

Activation of transcription factors in a mouse lung following exposure to environmental chemicals and biological agents
Tin-Tin-Win-Shwe(Tin-Tin-Win-Shwe), Fujimaki H.(藤巻秀和)
Journal of Toxicological Sciences, 40(5):559-568 (2015)

Explanation of non-additive effects in mixtures of similar mode of action chemicals
kamo M., Yokomizo H.(横溝裕行)
Toxicology, 335:20-26 (2015)

Exploring the drivers of wildlife population dynamics from insufficient data by Bayesian model averaging
Osada Y., Kuriyama T., Asada M., Yokomizo H.(横溝裕行), Miyashita T.
Population Ecology, 57:485-493 (2015)

Exploring the planetary boundary for chemical pollution
Diamond M.L., A. de Wit C., Molander S., Scheringer M., Backhaus T., Lohmann R., Arvidsson R., Bergman A., Hauschild M., Holoubek I., Persson L., Suzuki N.(鈴木規之), Vighi M., Zetzsch C.
Environment International, 78:8-15 (2015)

Solubility shift and SUMOylaltion of promyelocytic leukemia (PML) protein in response to arsenic(III) and fate of the SUMOylated PML
Hirano S.(平野靖史郎), Tadano M.(但野美保子), Kobayashi Y.(小林弥生), Udagawa O.(宇田川理), KATO A.(加藤綾華)
Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology, 287:191-201 (2015)

Towards modelling of the environmental fate of pharmaceuticals using the QSPR-MM scheme
Jagiello K., Mostrag-Szlichtyng A., Gajewicz A., Kawai T.(河合徹), Imaizumi Y.(今泉圭隆), Sakurai T.(櫻井健郎), Yamamoto H., Tatarazako N.(鑪迫典久), Mizukawa K., Aoki Y.(青木康展), Suzuki N.(鈴木規之), Watanabe H.(渡部春奈), Puzyn T.
Environmental Modelling & Software, 72:147-154 (2015)

Role of Environmental Chemical Insult in Neuronal Cell Death and Cytoskeleton Damage
Aung KH., Tsukahara S., Maekawa F.(前川文彦), Nohara K.(野原恵子), Nakamura K., Tanoue A.
Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, 38(8):1109-1112 (2015)

Nano-Sized Secondary Organic Aerosol of Diesel Engine Exhaust Origin Impairs Olfactory-Based Spatial Learning Performance in Preweaning Mice
Tin-Tin-Win-Shwe(Tin-Tin-Win-Shwe), Chaw Kyi Tha thu, Yadanar Moe, Maekawa F.(前川文彦), Yanagisawa R.(柳澤利枝), Furuyama A.(古山昭子), Tsukahara, Fujitani Y.(藤谷雄二), Hirano S.(平野靖史郎)
Nanomaterials, 2015(5):1147-1162 (2015)

前川文彦, 矢田俊彦
分子精神医学, 15(3):198-205 (2015)

野生動物管理における管理区域間移動の効果:行列モデルを用いた北海道エゾシカ(Cervus nippon yezoensis )保護管理計画の解析
Ijima H.(井嶋浩貴), Fujimaki A,(藤巻碧海), Ohta U.(太田海香), Yokomizo H.(横溝裕行), Yamamura K.(山村光司), Uno H.(宇野裕之), Matsuda H.(松田裕之)
自然環境復元研究, , 7(1):3-14 (2015)

Atmospheric concentration and carcinogenic risk of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons including benzo[c]fluorene, cyclopenta[c,d]pyrene, and benzo[j]fluoranthene in Japan
YAGISHITA M.(柳下真由子), kageyama S., Ohshima S., Matsumoto M.(松本理), Aoki Y.(青木康展), Goto S., Nakajima D.(中島大介)
Atmospheric Environment, 115:263-268 (2015)

An integrated approach to tropical and subtropical island conservation
Yamano H.(山野博哉), Satake K.(佐竹潔), Inoue T.(井上智美), Kadoya T.(角谷拓), Hayashi S.(林誠二), Kinjo K., Nakajima D.(中島大介), Oguma H.(小熊宏之), Ishiguro S.(石黒聡士), Okagawa A.(岡川梓), Suga S.(須賀伸介), Horie T., Nohara K., Fukayama N., Hibiki A.(日引聡)
Journal of Ecology and Environment, 38:271-279 (2015)

大気中微小粒子状物質(PM2.5)から生じる酸化ストレスと脳神経障害: 第1 部
Tin-Tin-Win-Shwe(Tin-Tin-Win-Shwe), Sagai M(嵯峨井勝)
日本衛生学雑誌, Japanese Journal of Hygiene, 70:127-133 (2015)

Early Exposure to Intermediate-Frequency Magnetic Fields Alters Brain Biomarkers without Histopathological Changes in Adult Mice
Tin-Tin-Win-Shwe(Tin-Tin-Win-Shwe), Shinn Ohtani, Akira Ushiyama, Naoki Kunugita
International Journal Of Environmental Research and Public Health, 12:4406-4421 (2015)

日仏生物学会誌, 54:16-22 (2015)

水環境学会誌, 38(5):173-177 (2015)

Interspecies quantitative structure-activity-activity relationships (QSAARs) for prediction of acute aquatic toxicity of aromatic amines and phenols
Furuhama A.(古濱彩子), Hasunuma K.(蓮沼和夫), Aoki Y.(青木康展)
SAR and QSAR in Environmental Research, 26(4):301-323 (2015)

Exposure to air pollution and meteorological factors associated with children's primary care visits at night due to asthma attack: case-crossover design for 3-year pooled patients
YAMAZAKI S.(山崎新), Shima M., Yoda Y., Oka K., Kurosaka F., Shimizu S., Takahashi H., Nakatani Y., Nishikawa J., Fujiwara K., Mizumori Y., Mogami A., Yamada T., Yamamoto N.
BMJ Open, 5: (2015)

大畑聡, 赤羽祥明, 小宮朋之, 児玉圭太, 李政勲, 堀口敏宏
千葉県水産総合研究センター研究報告, 9:27-34 (2015)

Assessment of radiocesium contamination in frogs 18 months after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster
Matsushima N.(松島野枝), Ihara S., Takase M., Horiguchi T.(堀口敏宏)
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 5(9712): (2015)

Hayashi T.(林岳彦), Kashiwagi N.(柏木宣久)
日本リスク研究学会誌, Japanese Journal of Risk Analysis, 24(4):213-220 (2015)

4-Nitrophenol, 1-nitropyrene, and 9-nitroanthracene emissions in exhaust particles from diesel vehicles with different exhaust gas treatments
Inomata S.(猪俣敏), Fushimi A.(伏見暁洋), Sato K.(佐藤圭), Fujitani Y.(藤谷雄二), Yamada H.
Atmospheric Environment, 110:93-102 (2015)

前川文彦, 矢田俊彦
最新医学, 70(3月増刊号):517-523 (2015)

石井光廣, 大畑聡, 児玉圭太, 堀口敏宏
東京湾の漁業と環境, 6:13-15 (2015)

2013年夏季関東における微小粒子の広域観測 -PMFによる発生源寄与推定のアプローチ-
Saitoh K.(齊藤勝美), Fushimi A.(伏見暁洋), Tanabe K.(田邊潔), Sato K.(佐藤圭), Fujitani Y.(藤谷雄二), Takami A.(高見昭憲)
エアロゾル研究, Earozoru Kenkyu, 30(1):42-52 (2015)

Coarse particulate matter and emergency ambulance dispatches in Fukuoka, Japan: a time-stratified case-crossover study
Michikawa T.(道川武紘), Ueda K.(上田佳代), Takeuchi A.(竹内文乃), Tamura K.(田村憲治), Kinoshita M., Ichinose T, Nitta H.(新田裕史)
Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine, 20:130-136 (2015)

山田智, 岩田靖宏, 堀口敏宏, 鈴木輝明
水産海洋研究, 79(1):1-11 (2015)

東日本大震災後のエコチル調査の在り方を考える シンポジウムの趣旨
新田裕史, 橋本浩一
小児保健研究, 74(1):86-87 (2015)

Difference in the toxicity mechanism between ion and nanoparticle forms of silver in the mouse lung and in macrophages
Arai Y., Miyayama T.(宮山貴光), Hirano S.(平野靖史郎)
Toxicology, 328:84-92 (2015)

表面科学, 36(2):91-93 (2015)

Efficient management for the Hokkaido population of sika deer Cervus nippon in Japan: accounting for migration and management cost
Ijima H., Fujimaki A., Ohta U., Yamamura K., Yokomizo H.(横溝裕行), Uno H., Matsuda H.
Population Ecology, 57:397-408 (2015)

新田裕史, 上田佳代
Annual Review 2015 呼吸器, 80-84 (2015)

Diofenolan induces male offspring production through binding to the juvenile hormone receptor in Daphnia magna
Abe R.(阿部良子), Toyota K, Miyakawa H, Watanabe H.(渡部春奈), Oka T, Miyagawa S, Nishide H, Uchiyama I, Tollefsen K E, Iguchi T, Tatarazako N.(鑪迫典久)
Aquatic Toxicology, 159:44-51 (2015)

The role of Rho-kinases in IL-1β release through phagocytosis of fibrous particles in human monocytes.
Kanno S., Hirano S.(平野靖史郎), Chiba S., Takeshita H., Nagai T., Takaeda M., Mukai T.
Archives of Toxicology, 89:73-85 (2015)

Degradation of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons by Fungi Isolated from Soil in Japan
Mineki S., Suzuki K., Iwata K., Nakajima D.(中島大介), Goto S.
Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds, 35(1):120-128 (2015)

Particle deposition efficiency in air-liquid interface of a cell exposure chamber
Fujitani Y.(藤谷雄二), Sugaya Y.(菅谷裕), Hashiguchi M., Furuyama A.(古山昭子), Hirano S.(平野靖史郎), Takami A.(高見昭憲)
Journal of Aerosol Science, 81:90-99 (2015)

Low-molecular-weight inhibitors of cell differentiation enable efficient growth of mouse iPS cells under feeder-free conditions
Donai K., Inagaki A., So K., Kuroda K., Sone H.(曽根秀子), Kobayashi M., Nishimori K., Fukuda T.
Cytotechnology, 67(2):191-197 (2015)