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森野悠, 佐藤圭, 熊谷貴美代, 飯島明宏, 藤谷雄二
Clean Technology, 7:19-23 (2020)

Can We Reasonably Predict Chronic Species Sensitivity Distributions from Acute Species Sensitivity Distributions?
Hiki K.(日置 恭史郎), Iwasaki Y.
Environmental Science & Technology, 54(20):13131-13136 (2020)

生態毒性学におけるAdverse Outcome Pathway(AOP)研究の整理と展望
Hiki K.(日置 恭史郎), Watanabe H.(渡部春奈), Hayashi T.(林岳彦), Iwasaki Y.(岩崎雄一), Yamamoto H.(山本裕史)
環境毒性学会誌, Japanese Journal of Environmental Toxicology, 23(1):22-37 (2020)

Associations between pet ownership and frailty: A systematic review
Taniguchi Y.(谷口優), Kojima G, Aoyama R
Geriatrics, 9(5):89 (2020)

Associations of dog and cat ownership with wheezing and asthma in children: Pilot study of the Japan Environment and children’s study
Taniguchi Y.(谷口優), Yamazaki S.(山崎新), Michikawa T.(道川武紘), Nakayama T.(中山忠暢), Nakayama S.F.(中山祥嗣), Sekiyama M.(関山牧子), Nitta H.(新田裕史), Mezawa T, Saito-Abe M, Oda M, Mitsubuchi H, Sanefuji M, Ohga S, Mise N, Ikegami A, Shimono M, Suga R
PLos One, 15(5):e0232604 (2020)

中島大介, 中山崇, 大曲遼, 宮脇崇, 門上希和夫
全国環境研会誌, 45(4):153-158 (2020)

エアロゾル研究, 35:243-243 (2020)

Relationship between hunting time schedule and sika deer spatial displacement in hunting with and without driving
Yamaguchi S,, Takeshita K.(竹下和貴), Tanikawa K., Kaji K.
Wildlife Society Bulletin, 44(4):724-731 (2020)

中西康介, 田和康太
なぜ田んぼには多様な生き物がすむのか, 186-207 (2020)

Scavenger receptor MARCO contributes to cellular internalization of exosomes by dynamin-dependent endocytosis and macropinocytosis
Kanno S., Hirano S.(平野靖史郎), Sakamoto T., Furuyama A.(古山昭子), Takase, Kato H., Fukuta M., Aoki Y.
Scientic reports, 10(21795): (2020)

PETROTECH, 43(12):868-869 (2020)

第6編 環境(衛生薬学B)第7部 基本問題 第28章 生活環境と健康. 第6編 環境(衛生薬学B)第8部 複合・実践問題 第30章 生活環境と健康. 第5編 アクティブラーニング課題 課題27 人類の持続可能性を実現する方策
薬学演習.薬学総論・衛生薬学, 200-204 233-235 260 (2020)

Improvement of GPS-attached Pocket PM2.5 Measuring Device for Personal Exposure Assessment
Tin-Tin-Win-Shwe(Tin-Tin-Win-Shwe), Thein Z.L., Aung W.Y., Yi E.E.P.N., Maung C., Nway N.C., Thant Z., Suzuki T.(鈴木武博), Mar O., Ishigaki Y., Nakajima D.(中島大介)
Journal Of University of Occupation and Environmental Health, 42(4):307-315 (2020)

Predicting Partition Coefficients of Short-Chain Chlorinated Paraffin Congeners by COSMO-RS-Trained Fragment Contribution Models
Endo S.(遠藤智司), Hammer J.(HAMMER Jort)
Environmental Science & Technology, 54(23):15162-15169 (2020)

Development of Artificial Urine Certified Reference Material for Quantification of Neonicotinoid Insecticides
Otake T., Nakayama S.F.(中山祥嗣), Isobe T.(磯部友彦), Hanari N.
Journal of AOAC INTERNATIONAL, 103(6):1469-1477 (2020)

Simultaneous blood and brain microdialysis in a free-moving mouse to test blood-brain barrier permeability of chemicals
Umezu T.(梅津豊司), Sano T.(佐野友春), Hayashi J.(林順子), Shibata Y.(柴田康行)
Toxicology Reports, 7:1542-1550 (2020)

動物の事典, 400-404 (2020)

Gestational arsenic exposure and paternal intergenerational epigenetic inheritance.
Nohara K.(野原恵子), Suzuki T.(鈴木武博), Okamura K.(岡村和幸)
Toxicol Appl Pharmacol (2020)

Seasonal variation in and nutritional implications of the diet composition of a sika deer (Cervus nippon) population in a heavily browsed habitat: Contribution of canopy subsidies
Kaneko M., Takeshita K.(竹下和貴), Tanikawa K., Kaji K.
Mammal Study, 45(4):327-336 (2020)

Characteristics of Exposure of Reproductive-Age Farmworkers in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand, to Organophosphate and Neonicotinoid Insecticides: A Pilot Study
Suwannarin N.(SUWANNARIN Neeranuch), Prapamontol T., Isobe T.(磯部友彦), Nishihama Y.(西浜柚季子), Nakayama S.F.(中山祥嗣)
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17:7871 (2020)

上島通浩, 山崎新, 中山祥嗣
臨床婦人科産科, 74(5):426-432 (2020)

Electromagnetic fields(EMF) facilitate cell migration and BrdU incorporation during an EMF-sensitive phase in a rat neurosphere asssay in vitro
Ishido M.(石堂正美), Shimaya E.(島谷詠子)
Fundamental Toxicological Sciences, 7(6):253-257 (2020)

Gestational arsenite exposure augments hepatic tumors of C3H mice by promoting senescence in F1 and F2 offspring via different pathways
Okamura K.(岡村和幸), Suzuki T.(鈴木武博), Nohara K.(野原恵子)
Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology (2020)

Associations of aging trajectories for an index of frailty score with mortality and medical and long‐term care costs among older Japanese undergoing health checkups
Taniguchi Y.(谷口優), Kitamura A, Abe T, Kojima G, Shinozaki T, Seino S, Yokoyama Y, Nofuji Y, Ikeuchi T, Matsuyama Y, Fujirawa Y, Shinkai S
Geriatrics & Gerontology International (2020)

Reduced bioavailability of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in sediments impacted by carbon manufacturing plant effluent: Evaluation by ex situ passive sampling method
Endo S.(遠藤智司), Yoshimura M., Kumata H., Uchida M.(内田昌男), Yabuki Y., Nakata H.
Environmental Pollution, 256(113448): (2020)

Takazawa M.(沢麻里), Suzuki Y.(鈴木裕識), Komori K.(小森行也), Tsushima I.(對馬育夫), Yamashita H.(山下洋正), Oguchi M.(小口正弘)
環境科学会誌, Environmental Science, 33(5):114-125 (2020)

Marital status and risk of physical frailty: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Kojima G., Walters K., Iliffe S., Taniguchi Y.(谷口優), Tamiya N.
Journals of the American Medical Directors Association, 21(3):322-330 (2020)

Sarcoscore: a novel approach for assessing sarcopenia and functional disability in older adults
Osuka Y., Kim H., Kawai H., Taniguchi Y.(谷口優), Yokoyama Y., Seino S., Obuchi S., Kitamura A., Shinkai S.
Journal of Clinical Medicine, 4(9):692 (2020)

Kitamura A.(北村明彦), Seino S.(清野諭), Taniguchi Y.(谷口優), Yokoyama Y.(横山友里), Amano H.(天野秀紀), Nishi M.(西真理子), Nofuji Y.(野藤悠), Narita M.(成田美紀), Ikeuchi T.(池内朋子), Abe T.(阿部巧), Fujiwara Y.(藤原佳典), Shinkai S.(新開省⼆)
日本公衆衛生雑誌, Japanese Society of Public Health, 67(2):134-145 (2020)

A Stepping Trail Making Test as an indicator of global cognitive decline in older adults
Osuka Y., Kim H., Watanabe Y., Taniguchi Y.(谷口優), Kojima N., Seino S., Kawai H., Sakurai R., Inagaki H., Awata S., Shinkai S.
Journal of Clinical Medicine, 9(9):2835 (2020)

A New Informatics: Trajectory Patterns in Health Indexes for Japanese Elders and Systemic Change to Life Course Approach
Taniguchi Y.(谷口優), Matsushita H.
Health Informatics Translating Information into Innovation, 59-80 (2020)

Association of blood cadmium levels in pregnant women with infant birth size and small for gestational age infants: The Japan Environment and Children's study
Inadera H., Takamori A., Matsumura K., Tsuchida A., Cui Z.G., Hamazaki K., Tanaka T., Ito M., Kigawa M., Origasa G., Michikawa T.(道川武紘), Nakayama S.F.(中山祥嗣), Isobe T.(磯部友彦), Takeuchi A., Sato T., Nitta H.(新田裕史), Yamazaki S.(山崎新)
Environmental Research, 191:110007 (2020)

Relevance of autophagy markers to cytotoxicity of zinc compounds in macrophages
Hirano S.(平野靖史郎), Kanno S
Toxicology in Vitro, 65:104816 (2020)

Benzalkonium chloride and cetylpyridinium chloride induce apoptosis in human lung epithelial cells and alter surface activity of pulmonary surfactant monolayers
Kanno, S., Hirano S.(平野靖史郎), Kato H., Fukuta M., Mukai T., Aoki Y.
Chemico-Biological Interactions, 317:108962 (2020)

Maternal intake of one-carbon metabolism-related B vitamins and anorectal malformations in the Japan Environment and Children’s Study
Michikawa T.(道川武紘), Nitta H.(新田裕史), Sekiyama M.(関山牧子), Kuroda T., Nakayama S.F.(中山祥嗣), Isobe T.(磯部友彦), Kobayashi Y.(小林弥生), Iwai M.(岩井美幸), Suda E.(須田英子), Taniguchi Y.(谷口優), Kawamoto T.(川本俊弘), Yamazaki S.(山崎新)
British Journal of Nutrition, 124(8):865-873 (2020)

Habitat partitioning of two closely related pond frogs, Pelophylax nigromaculatus and Pelophylax porosus brevipodus, during their breeding season
Nakanishi K.(中西康介), Honma A., Furukawa M., Takakura KI., Fujii N., Morii K., Terasawa Y.
Evolutionary Ecology (2020)

Intraspecific competition reduces the quantity of excreted nutrients in tadpoles
Ramamonjisoa N., Rakotonoely H., Kwon TO, Nakanishi K.(中西康介), Natuhara Y.
Marine and Freshwater Research (2020)

Concerns about reproducibility, use of the Akaike information criterion, and related issues in Hoondert et al. 2019
Iwasaki Y., Hayashi T.(林岳彦)
Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 39(7):1300-1301 (2020)

安全工学, 59(4):225-231 (2020)

現代化学, (594):27-29 (2020)

Population genetic diversity and historical dynamics of Fraser’s dolphins Lagenodelphis hosei
Chen I., Nishida S., Chou L.S., Isobe T.(磯部友彦), Mignucci Giannoni A.A., Hoelzel A.R.

Determination of Urinary Cotinine Cut-Off Concentrations for Pregnant Women in the Japan Environment and Children’s Study (JECS)
Nishihama Y.(西浜柚季子), Nakayama S.F.(中山祥嗣), Tabuchi T., Isobe T.(磯部友彦), Jung C.(JUNG Chau-Ren), Iwai-Shimada M.(岩井美幸), Kobayashi Y.(小林弥生), Michikawa T., Sekiyama M.(関山牧子), Taniguchi Y.(谷口優), Nitta H.(新田裕史), Yamazaki S.(山崎新)
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17(15):5537 (2020)

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals: implications for human health
Kahn L.G., Philippart C., Nakayama S.F.(中山祥嗣), Slama R., Trasande L.
The lancet. Diabetes & endocrinology, 8(8):703-718 (2020)

Identification by TCGA database search of five genes that are aberrantly expressed and involved in hepatocellular carcinoma potentially via DNA methylation changes
Matsushita J.(松下隼也), Suzuki T.(鈴木武博), Okamura K.(岡村和幸), Ichihara G., Nohara K.(野原恵子)
Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine, 25: (2020)

Biotransformation of arsenic and toxicological implication of arsenic metabolites
Hirano S.(平野靖史郎)
Archives of Toxicology, 94(8):2587-2601 (2020)

Non-target and target screening of organohalogen compounds in mussels and sediments from Hiroshima Bay, Japan: Occurrence of novel bioaccumulative substances
Goto A., Tue N.M., Isobe T.(磯部友彦), Takahashi S., Tanabe S., Kunisue T.
Environmental Science and Technology, 54(9):5480-5488 (2020)

Prenatal and postnatal lead exposures and intellectual development among 12-year-old Japanese children
Tatsuta N., Nakai K., Kasanuma Y., Iwai-Shimada M.(岩井美幸), Sakamoto M., Murata K., Satoh H.
Environmental Research, 189(109844): (2020)

化学物質と環境, 161:9-10 (2020)

The relationship between perinatal exposure to dioxins and serum steroid hormone levels in preschool-aged children at an e-waste region in China Jing
Dong J.J., Ruan M.C., Hang J.G., Nakayama S.F.(中山祥嗣), Jung C.(JUNG Chau-Ren), Kido T., Wang Z., Ma C.(MA Chaochen), SUN X. L.(SUN xian liang)
International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health, 229:113580 (2020)

Exploratory analysis of plasma cytokine/chemokine levels in 6-year-old children from a birth cohort study
Yamamoto-Hanada K., Kawakami E., Saito-Abe M., Sato M., Mitsubuchi H., Oda M., Katoh T., Sanefuji M., Ohga S., Kuwajima M., Mise N., Ikegami A., Kayama F., Senju A., Shimono M., Kusuhara K., Yamazaki S.(山崎新), Nakayama S.F.(中山祥嗣), Matsumoto K., Saito H., Ohya Y.
Cytokine, 130:155051 (2020)

The association between dioxins and steroid hormones in general adult males: a cross-sectional study in an e-waste region of China
Shi L.L., Wang M.Q., Nakayama S.F.(中山祥嗣), Jung C.(JUNG Chau-Ren), Wang Y.H., Dong J.J., Ma C.(MA Chaochen), Kido T., SUN X. L.(SUN xian liang), Feng H.
Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 27(21):26511-26519 (2020)

Evaluation of interregional consistency in associations between neonicotinoid insecticides and functions of benthic invertebrate communities in rivers in urban rice-paddy areas
Takeshita K.(竹下和貴), Hayashi T.(林岳彦), Yokomizo H.(横溝裕行)
Science of the Total Environment, 743(140627): (2020)

Distribution of particulate matter (PM10) concentration in seven townships of Yangon, Myanmar
Yi E.E.P.N., Aung W.Y., Nway N.C., Yagishita M.(柳下真由子), Ishigaki Y., Nakajima D.(中島大介), Tin-Tin-Win-Shwe(Tin-Tin-Win-Shwe), Mar O.
Earth and Environmental Science, 496:012005 (2020)

Hazard evaluation of air pollution by using the key characteristics approach
Sone H., Ito T.(伊藤智彦), Tin-Tin-Win-Shwe(Tin-Tin-Win-Shwe), Miki M., Fujitani Y.(藤谷雄二), Nakajima D.(中島大介)
Earth and Environmental Science, 496:012004 (2020)

The effect of intervention in nickel concentrations on benthic macroinvertebrates: A case study of statistical causal inference in ecotoxicology
Takeshita K.(竹下和貴), Hayashi T.(林岳彦), Yokomizo H.(横溝裕行)
Environmental Pollution, 265(115059): (2020)

Behavioral impairments in infant and adult mouse offspring exposed to 2,3,7,8-tetrabromodibenzofuran in utero and via lactation
Kimura E.(木村 栄輝), Suzuki G.(鈴木剛), Uramaru N., Endo T., Maekawa F.(前川文彦)
Environment International, 142:105833 (2020)

Estimated postnatal p,p'-DDT and p,p'-DDE levels and body mass index at 42 months of age in a longitudinal study of Japanese children
Plouffe L., Bosson-Rieutort D., Madaniyazi L., Iwai-Shimada M.(岩井美幸), Nakai K., Tatsuta N., Nakayama S.F.(中山祥嗣), Verner M.A.
Environmental Health, 19(1):49 (2020)

Effects of the Use of Air Purifier on Indoor Environment and Respiratory System among Healthy Adults
Yoda Y., Tamura K.(田村憲治), Adachi S., Otani N., Nakayama S.F.(中山祥嗣), Shima M.
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17(10):3687 (2020)