Center for Environmental Risk Resarch

@The Center for Environmental Risk Research is carrying out integrated investigations and research on environmental risks@ of chemical substances in particular@ with the goal of ensuring the safety of human health and the protection of ecosystems by evaluating the environmental risks and managing them.

Third five-year plan (2011-2015)  : Overview

@Under the Plan, we will carry out investigations and research projects on subjects which include: identifying environmental risk factors, such as chemical substances; clarifying the routes and dynamics of exposure; developing methods for evaluating exposure; research the mechanisms for evaluating the hazard; developing methods for evaluating health risks; research the mechanisms for conducting ecological impact assessments; and developing methods for testing and evaluating ecological risks; and policy-making and management of environmental risks. The outcomes of the above research projects will contribute to ensuring the safety of human health and protecting ecosystems through environmental risk evaluations and management.

  • Environmental Risk Field
  • Research Program on Risk Assessment and Control of Environmental Chemicals
  • Development of infrastructure for environmental research
  • Fundamental research useful for environmental action plans