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YAWALE Satish Kumar

Researcher Name
YAWALE Satish Kumar
Div (Section) name/title
Center for Social and Environmental Systems Research(Integrated Environment and Economy Section)/Research Associate
Research Subject
Indian Residential Sector
PhD doctoral degree
Professional Qualification(s)
Electrical and Electronic Engineering,Electrical and Electronic Engineering,Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Environmental Speciality Field
residential sector,emission mitigation,global warming
AIM Modelling,Hardworking,Punctuality
Brief Description of Research
The purpose of the study is four fold, first is to study the drivers of service demand and understand how they affect emissions from residential sector. Second is to identify fuel mix for future energy supply. Third is to find out optimal end-use technology options and fourth and last is to develop suitable scenarios for carrying out analysis that helps in reducing energy demand and emissions. Modelling output from the present work has projected upcoming technology combination in alternate scenarios. The output of the research will be helpful in providing required insights for future line of action and defining renewable energy technology share enabling the development of India towards a low carbon future.
Research Subject