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MORI Tomoko

MORI Tomoko
Researcher Name
MORI Tomoko
Div (Section) name/title
Center for Material Cycles and Waste Management Research(Sustainable Material Cycle Systems Section)/Research Associate
Research Subject
・Design and evaluation of ESD promoting environmental civic actions
・Design and evaluation of capacity development in the field of disaster waste management
Degree(s) environmentology
Professional Qualification(s)
Environmental Speciality Field
Environmental Education,Education for Sustainable Development
Psychological model of behavior,Civic action,Non-formal education,Sustainability transition,Key competence in sustainability
Brief Description of Research
■Evaluation of ESD programs
I’m developing the evaluation method for short-term non-formal education programs provided by businesses or NGO from the perspective of the expected learning capabilities. My evaluation framework was based on existing studies about environmental literacy and key competence in sustainability. I’m trying to improve the evaluation method through actual practices on several education programs.

■Research of factors influencing civic action for the environment and ESD program design
The main target of Japanese environmental education has been the promotion of individual pro-environmental behaviors in daily life, such as separating trash, saving energy and so on. My study targets the promotion of collective behaviors collaborating with stakeholders (e.g. Participating local activities to solve regional environmental problems, joining environmental organizations). I’m trying to figure out the determinants of these behaviors through the statistical analysis of questionnaire survey, and design ESD which can encourage collaborative collective behaviors.

■Design and evaluation of capacity development in the field of disaster waste management
I’m developing the capacity development for municipal employees in the field of disaster waste management. Knowledge gotten through the past training design, support, and evaluation is compiled the guidebook.
2004/3 Master of engineering, Kyoto University
2004/4〜2008/9 Researcher, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.
2012/2〜2015/3 Visiting researcher, National Institute for Environmental Studies
2013/5〜2017/6 Senior researcher, Japan Waste Research Foundation
2018/9 Ph.D. in environmentology, The university of Tokyo
2017/7〜 Research associate, National Institute for Environmental Studies
Membership of Academic Society
The Japanese Society of Environmental Education,Japan Society of Material Cycles and Waste Management,North American Association for Environmental Education
Research Subject
  • Fiscal Year: 2018
    • 24333 : Environmental Emergency Management Research Program
    • 24336 : Development of environmental emergency management capacity
    • 24341 : Environmental Emergency Management Office
    • 24342 : Social Dialogue and Co-production Office
    • 24408 : Policy and Management Study for Establishing a Sound Material-Cycle Society
    • 24454 : A study on personal growth processes for fundamental lifestyle transformation
    • 24539 : Development of Organizational Management Methodology for Smaller Public Authorities towards Appropriate Disaster Waste Management
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