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OTA Shuhei

OTA Shuhei
Researcher Name
OTA Shuhei
Div (Section) name/title
Center for Environmental Biology and Ecosystem Studies(Biodiversity Resource Conservation Office)/Research Associate
Research Subject
Development of water monitoring technology using bioassay in marine environments
Imaging analysis of algal autophagy under stress environment
Professional Qualification(s)
Environmental Speciality Field
algal phylogenetics and taxonomy,water environments
fluorescence microscopy,electron microscopy,environmental stress,algal biomass application
Membership of Academic Society
The Botanical Society of Japan,The Japanese Society of Phycology (JSP) ,International Phycological Society,The Japanese Society of Plant Morphology,American Society for Microbiology
Research Subject
  • Fiscal Year: 2017
    • 24066 : Research and Development of Monitoring and Forecasting Systems for Marine Ecosystem Management