NIES CRMs can be purchased directly from NIES.

1. Order

  1. On-line:

  1. email:
  2. Fax: +81-298-50-2900
  3. Mail orders (in English) for all NIES CRMs should be directed to:
    National Institute for Environmental Studies
    Center for Environmental Measurement and Analysis
    Certified Reference Materials Program
    16-2 Onogawa, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8506, JAPAN

Each purchase order should give the number of units, CRM number and name of each Certified Reference Material requested.

  • Example: 1 bottle, NIES CRM No.3 Chlorella

The following information must be included with each order;
 Billing address
 Shipping address
 Name of customer
 Institution name
 Telephone number
 Fax number
 E-mail address


2. Payment

1.Credit cards :VISA,MASTER Card :

2.Bank transfer
Payment of all invoices ( for CRM price and shipping cost ) is expected by bank transfer to Joyo Bank in Japan by Japanese yen.

*Please note!
Remittance charge (including exchange and handling fees) is expected by payer.

3. Shipments

Post,Federal Express International (overseas), JPExpress (domestic)

4. Returned Goods

NIES CRMs are not returnable with the exception of defective goods or shipments made in error by NIES.

5. Important

Customers are required to inspect all packages and documentation immediately upon receipt of shipment. Any damage, shortage or defects must be reported to the CRM Program, within seven days of receipt of shipment.

6. Price List

CRM No. Name Certified Value Unit Size Price (*1)
 No.3  Chlorella  Elements 36g/bottle 30,000
 No.10-d  Rice Flour-Unpolished  Element 15g/bottle 40,000
 No.12  Marine Sediment (*2)  OrganoSn 30g/pack 30,000
 No.13  Human Hair  Methyl Hg 3g/bottle 30,000
 No.15  Scallop  Organo Sn 20g/pack 30,000
 No.18  Human Urine  Organo As set of 2 bottles from 10ml 40,000
 No.23  Tea Leaves II  Elements 35g/bottle 30,000
 No.24  FLY Ash II  PCDDs, PCDFs 15g/bottle 60,000
 No.26  Water Bloom  Microcystins, Elements 54mg/bottle 50,000
 No.27  Typical Japanese Diet  Elements 18g/bottle 60,000
 No.28  Urban Aerosols  Elements 1.5g/bottle 30,000
 No.29  Water Hyacinth  Elements 5g/bottle 30,000
 No.30  Gobi Kose Dust  Elements 2g/bottle 40,000
 No.31  Lake Sediment  Elements 20g/bottle 30,000
 No.32  Bluegill  PFOS 5g/bottle 30,000

(*1) Price in Japanese Yen.
(*2) NIES CRM No.12 Marine Sediment is not available overseas.