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F-1 Imamura T., Washida N.
Measurements of rate constants for HO2 +NO and NH2 +NO reactions by timE-resolved photoionization mass spectrometry
Laser Chem., 16 43-51(1994)
F-2 鵜野伊津志
大気環境学会誌, 30(6) 351-366(1995)
F-3 Tanaka M.(*1), Kamiura T.(*1), Warashina M.(*2), Maeda Y.(*2), Uno I., Wakamatsu S.(*3) (*1Osaka City Inst.Public Health & Environ.Sci., *2Osaka Pref.Univ., *3Reg.Environ.Div.)
Vertical distribution of ambient hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide concentrations measured aloft over Kansai Area
環境科学会誌, 8(4) 387-396(1995)
F-4 Uno I., Cai X-M.(*1), Steyn D.G.(*2), Emori S.(*3) (*1Univ.Birmingham, *2Univ.British Columbia, *3Univ.Tokyo)
A simple extension of the Louis method for rough surface layer modelling
Boundary-Layer Meteorol., 76 395-409(1995)
F-5 Uno I., Ohara T.(*1), Wakamatsu S.(*2) (*1Inst.Behav.Sci., *2Reg.Environ.Div.)
Analysis of wintertime NO2 pollution in the Tokyo metropolitan area
Atmos.Environ., 30(5) 703-713(1996)
F-6 Sugimoto N., Minato A., Ozawa K.(*1), Saito Y.(*1), Nomura A.(*1) (*1Shinshu Univ.)
Theoretical evaluation of earth-to-satellite laser long-path absorption measurement of atmospheric trace species in the infrared region
Jpn.J.Appl.Phys., 34(5A) 2329-2334(1995)
F-7 Sugimoto N.
Satell.Laser Ranging Newsl.SLR Subcomm.CSTG, 8-11(1995)
F-8 Minato A.(*1), Sugimoto N., Bleier Z.(*2), Hunter G.C.(*3), Paul J.(*3) (*1Ibaraki Univ., *2PLX Inc., *3Zygo Corp.)
Measurement of dihedral angle errors of a largE-aperture space retroreflector: separation of the effect of sag due to gravity
Opt.Rev., 2(4) 319-322(1995)
F-9 Sugimoto N., Minato A.(*1) (*1Ibaraki Univ.)
Data reduction method for the laser long-path absorption measurement of atmospheric trace species using the retroreflector in Space
IEICE Trans.Commun., E78-B(12) 1585-1590(1995)
F-10 Sugimoto N., Minato A.(*1), Matsui I., Sasano Y.(*2), Itabe T.(*3), Aoki T.(*3), Takabe M.(*3), Hiromoto N.(*3), Kunimori H.(*3) (*1Ibaraki Univ., *2Global Environ.Div., *3CRL)
Plan for experiment with the Retroreflector in Space (RIS) on ADEOS
SPIE, 2583 217-227(1995)
F-11 高薮縁, 沼口敦, 鵜野伊津志
エルニーニョ南方振動の機構解明とその影響に関する研究ー平成6年度成果報告書ー, 21-26(1995)
F-12 Numaguti A., Oki R.(*1), Nakamura K.(*1), Tsuboki K.(*1), Misawa N.(*1), Asai T.(*1), Kodama Y.(*2) (*1Tokyo Univ., *2Hirosaki Univ.)
4-5-Day-period variation and low-level dry air observed in the Equatorial Western Pacific during the TOGA-COARE IOP
J.Meteorol.Soc.Jpn., 73(2B) 267-290(1995)
F-13 Numaguti A.
Characteristics of 4-to-20-day-period disturbances observed in the Equatorial Pacific during the TOGA COARE IOP
J.Meteorol.Soc.Jpn., 73(2B) 353-377(1995)
F-14 Numaguti A.
Reply to comments by G.C.Asnani
J.Atmos.Sci., 52(5, 1) 619-623(1995)
F-15 Numaguti A.
Dynamics and energy balance of Hadley circulation and the tropical precipitation zones.Part :Sensitivity to meridional SST distribution
J.Atmos.Sci., 52(8, 15) 1128-1141(1995)
F-16 花崎秀史
日本流体力学会誌「ながれ」, 14(3) 255(1995)
F-17 永翁龍一(*1), 花崎秀史 (*1資環研)
京都大学数理解析研究所講究録, 908 12-20(1995)
F-18 Hanazaki H.
On the threE-dimensional internal waves excited in the flow of a linearly stratified Boussinesq fluid
Dyn.Atmos.& Oceans, 23 279-288(1996)
F-19 福山力
エアロゾル研究, 10 54-59(1995)
F-20 松井一郎
光技術コンタクト, 33(6) 10-17(1995)
F-21 Masaki A.(*1), Tsunashima S.(*1), Washida N. (*1Tokyo Inst.Tech.)
Rate constants for reactions of substituted methyl radicals (CH2OCH3, CH2NH2, CH2I, and CH2CN) with O2
J.Phys.Chem., 99(35) 13126-13131(1995)
F-22 Washida N, Imamura T., Bandow H.(*1) (*1Univ.Osaka Pref.)
Experimental studies of ozone depletion by chlorofluorocarbons (CFC's), bromofluorocarbons (BFC's), Hydrochlorocarbons (HCFC's), and CH3Br using a 6-m3 photochemical chamber
Bull.Chem.Soc.Jpn., 69 535-541(1996)


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