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D-1 彼谷邦光
第8章 藍藻毒の毒性発現
アオコ―その出現と毒素 (東京大学出版会, 257p.), 183-207(1994)
D-2 K.Kaya, M.M.Watanabe(*1) (*1Environ.Biol.Div.)
Chemistry and toxicology of the cyclic heptapeptide toxins, the microcystins, from cyanobacteria
Microbiol. Cult.Coll., 10 5-34(1994)
D-3 彼谷邦光
水環境学会誌, 17 551-556(1994)
D-4 彼谷邦光
環境化学, 4 689-691(1994)
D-5 K.Kaya, T.Sano, F.Shiraishi
Astasin, a novel cytotoxic carbohydrate-conjugated ergosterol from the colorless englenoid, Astasia longa
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, 1255 201-204(1995)
D-6 M.I.Kuzmin(*1), D.F.Williams(*2), N.A.Logachev(*1), S.Colman(*3), B.N.Khakhaev(*4), T.Kawai, P.Hearn(*3), Sh.Horie(*5), L.A.Pevzner(*4), A.A.Bukharov(*1), V.A.Fialkov(*6) (*1Siberian Div.RAS, *2Univ.South Carolina, *3U.S.Geol.Surv., *4NEDRA Enterp., *5Paleolimnol.Group, *6Ecol.Mus.Baikal)
The Baikal drilling project: Scientific objectives and recent results
Russ.Geol.Geophys., 34(10-11) 3-11(1993)
D-7 河合崇欣
バイカル湖古代湖のフィールドサイエンス (東京大学出版会, 267p.), 3-19(1994)
D-8 T.Kawai
A brief report of Japanese activity for BICER Projects in 1993
Sci.Policy:New Mech.Sci.Collab.between East and West(V.A.Koptyug and J.Klerkx ed., Kluwer Acad.Pub., 250p.), 1 101-106(1995)
D-9 M.I.Kuzmin(*1), N.A.Logachev(*2), M.A.Grachev(*3), P.P.Hearn(*4), D.F.Williams(*5), Sh.Horie(*6), T.Kawai (*1Vinogradov Inst.Geochem.SB RAS, *2Inst.Earth's Crust SB RAS, *3Baikal Int.Cent.Ecological Res., *4U.S.Geol.Survey Natl.Cent., *5Univ.South Carolina, *6Kyoto Univ.)
Baikal drilling project:First results and prospects for future studies
Sci.Policy:New Mech.Sci.Collab.between East and West(V.A.Koptyug and J.Klerkx ed., Kluwer Acad.Pub., 250p.), 1 107-116(1995)
D-10 Y.Shibata, M.Morita
Arsenic and organoarsenicals
Anal.Contam.Edible Aquatic Resour. (VCH Publ.), 159-173(1994)
D-11 Y.Shibata, J.Yoshinaga, M.Morita
Detection of arsenobetaine in human
Appl.Organomet.Chem., 8 249-251(1994)
D-12 J.S.Edmonds(*1), Y.Shibata, R.I.T.Prince(*2), K.A.Francesconi(*1), M.Morita (*1West.Aust.Mar.Res.Lab., *2Wildl.Res.Cent)
Arsenic compounds in tissues of the leatherback turtle, dermochelys coriacea
J.Mar.Biol.Ass.U.K., 74 463-466(1994)
D-13 H.Seyama, M.Soma
Analysis of airborne particulates deposited on leaf surface by FA
D-14 M.Soma, A.Tanaka, H.Seyama, K.Satake(*1) (*1Global Environ.Div.)
Characterization of arsenic in lake sediments by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Geochim.Cosmochim. Acta, 58(12) 2743-2745(1994)
D-15 Y.Tani, (*1), Y.Umezawa(*1), K.Chikama(*2), A.Hemmi(*2), M.Soma (*1Univ.Tokyo, *2Hokkaido Univ.)
Non-stoichiometric dissolution of lanthanum fluoride (LaF3) and its relevance to a process of ion-selective charge separation at the solid/solution interface
J.Electroanal.Chem., 378 205-213(1994)
D-16 A.Tanaka, H.Seyama, M.Soma
Iron-and and manganes e-rich sediments as an indicator of hot spring activities at the bottom of Lake Mashu, Japan
Geochem.J., 28 289-306(1994)
D-17 後藤純雄(*1), 大久保忠利(*2), 渡辺悦夫(*2), 遠藤治(*1), 望月宏明(*1), 溝口次夫(*1), 峯木茂(*3), 田辺潔, 松下秀鶴(*4) (*1国立公衆衛生院, *2東京水産大, *3東京理科大, *4静岡県立大)
環境化学, 4(3) 631-636(1994)
D-18 Toshiichi Okita(*1), Mamoru Yanagihara(*2), Katsumi Yoshida(*3), Motoichi Iwata(*4), Kiyoshi Tanabe, Hiroshi Hara(*5) (*1Obirin Univ., *2Green and Blue Co.Ltd., *3Mie Univ., *4Environ.Agency, *5Natl.Inst.Public Health)
Measurements of air pollution associated with oil fires in KUWAIT by a Japanese research team
Atmospheric Environment, 28(13) 2255-2259(1994)
D-19 遠藤治(*1), 大久保忠利(*1), 西村義隆(*2), 田辺潔, 後藤純雄(*1), 石井忠浩(*2), 溝口次夫(*1) (*1国立公衆衛生院, *2東京理科大)
Environ.Mut.Res.Commun., 16 177-188(1994)
D-20 田辺潔
大気汚染学会誌, 29(4) A66-A73(1994)
D-21 T.Fujii, Ken-ichi Syouji(*1) (*1Meisei Univ.)
Production of large O-containing neutral hydrocarbon species by a CH4-O2 microwave discharge
Physical Review E, 49(1) 657-662(1994)
D-22 T.Fujii, Ken-ichi Syouji(*1) (*1Meisei Univ.)
Mass spectrometric studies of the neutral and lonic products in a CH4/O2microwave discharge plasma
Journal of Physical Chemistry, 97(44) 11380-11384(1993)
D-23 T.Fujii, Y.Kurihara, H.Arimoto(*1), Y.Mitsutsuka(*2) (*1Shimadzu Corp.*2Meisei Univ.)
Surface ionization organic mass spectrometry of imipramine, desipramine, clomipramine, and lidocaine
Analytcal chemistry, 66(11) 1884-1889(1994)
D-24 堀口敏宏
Imposex による新腹足類絶滅の危機−有機スズ化合物による腹足類のimposex−
貝類学雑誌, 53 158-159(1994)
D-25 T.Horiguchi, H.Shiraishi(*1), M.Shimizu(*2), M.Morita (*1Reg.Environ.Div., *2Univ.Tokyo)
Imposex and organotin compounds in Thais clavigera and T.bronni in Japan
J.Mar.Biol.Ass.U.K., 74 651-669(1994)
D-26 T.Horiguchi, H.Shiraishi(*1), M.Shimizu(*2), S.Yamazaki(*2), M.Morita (*1Reg.Environ.Div., *2Univ.Tokyo)
Organotin compounds and their effects on aquatic organisms, focusing on imposex in gastropods
Main Group Metal Chem., 17(1-4) 81-100(1994)
D-27 堀口敏宏
Biomed.Res.Trace Elem., 5 117-118(1994)
D-28 K.A.Francesconi(*1), J.S.Edmonds(*1), M.Morita (*1West Aus.Mar.Res.Lab.)
Determination of arsenic and arsenic species in marine environmental samples
Arsenic in the Environment, Part 1: Cycling and Characterization (John Wiley and Sons, Inc.), 189-219(1994)
D-29 M.Morita, H.Ito, M.Linscheid, K.Otsuka(*1) (*1Jeol Ltd.)
Resolution of interelement spectral overlaps by high-resolution inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
Anal.Chem., 66 1588-1590(1994)
D-30 安原昭夫
環境と測定技術, 21(4) 65-93(1994)
D-31 安原昭夫
水環境学会誌, 17 299-303(1994)
D-32 A.Yasuhara, T.Shibamoto(*1) (*1Univ.California)
Gas chromatographic determination of trace amounts of aldehydes in automobile exhaust by a cysteamine derivatization methods
J.Chromatogr.A, 672 261-266(1994)
D-33 安原昭夫
最終処分場の設計と新技術 (工業技術会, 359p.), 227-261(1994)
D-34 安原昭夫, 川田邦明(*1) (*1新潟県衛生公害研)
環境化学, 4 693-695(1994)
D-35 A.Yasuhara
Determination of tris(2-chloroethyl) phosphate in leachates from landfills by capillary gas chromatography using flame photometric detection
J.Chromatogr.A, 684 366-369(1994)
D-36 A.Yasuhara, T.Shibamoto(*1) (*1Univ.California)
Quantitative analysis of volatile aldehydes formed from various kinds of fish flesh during heat treatment
J.Agric.Food Chem., 43 94-97(1995)
D-37 安原昭夫
しろあり, (99) 2-12(1995)
D-38 A.Yasuhara
Odorous volatile components in Ayus fish
Toxicol.Environ.Chem., 47 197-201(1995)
D-39 横内陽子, 秋元肇(*1) (*1東京大)
北極圏総合研究シンポジウム論文集, 134-150(1994)
D-40 Y.Yokouchi
Seasonal and diurnal variation of isoprene and its reaction products in a semi-rural area
Atmos.Environ., 28 2651-2658(1994)
D-41 J.F.Hopper(*1), B.Peters(*1), Y.Yokouchi, H.Niki(*2), B.T.Jobson(*2), P.B.Shepson(*2), K.Muthuramu(*2) (*1AES.Can., *2York Univ.)
Chemical and meteorological observations at ice camp SWAN during Polar Sunrise Experiment 1992
J.Geophys.Res., 99(D12) 25489-25498(1994)
D-42 S.-M. Li(*1), Y.Yokouchi, L.A.Barrie(*1), K.Muthuramu(*2), P.B.Shepson(*2), J.W.Bottenheim(*1), W.T.Sturges(*3), S.Landsberger(*4) (*1AES.Can., *2York Univ., *3Univ.East Anglia, *4Univ.Illinois)
Organic and inorganic bromine compounds and their composition in the Arctic troposphere during polar sunrise
J.Geophys.Res., 99(D12) 25415-25428(1994)
D-43 W.R.Leaitch(*1), L.A.Barrie(*1), J.W.Bottenheim(*1), S.M.Li, (*1), P.B.Shepson(*2), K.Muthuramu(*2), Y.Yokouchi (*1AES.Can., *2York Univ.)
Airborne observations related to ozone depletion at polar sunrise
J.Geophys.Res., 99(D12) 25499-25517(1994)
D-44 Y.Yokouchi, H.Akimoto(*1), L.A.Barrie(*2), J.W.Bottenheim(*2), K.Anlauf(*2), B.T.Jobson(*3) (*1Univ.Tokyo, *2AES. Can., *3York Univ.)
Serial gas chromatographic/mass spectrometric measurements of some volatile organic compounds in the Arctic atmosphere during the 1992 Polar Sunrise Experiment
J.Geophys.Res., 99(D12) 25379-25389(1994)
D-45 B.T.Jobson(*1), H.Niki(*1), Y.Yokouchi, J.W.Bottenheim(*2), F.Hopper(*2), R.Leaitch(*2) (*1York Univ., *2AES.Can.)
Measurements of C2-C6 hydrocarbons during the polar sunrise 1992 experiment: Evidence for Cl atom and Br atom chemistry
J.Geophys.Res., 99(D12) 25355-25368(1994)
D-46 横内陽子, 秋元肇(*1) (*1東京大)
2.北極域の気圏における諸現象に関する観測研究, 2.2.北極域のエアロゾル及び大気微量成分物質に関する研究, 2.2.2.ii)エアロゾルの成因の原因物質の科学的挙動解明に関する研究
科学技術庁振興調整費 北極域における気圏・水圏・生物圏・の変動及びそれらの相互作用に関する国際共同研究 (第I期) 成果報告書(科学技術庁研究開発局, 149p.), 65-72(1993)
D-47 吉永淳
フローインジェクション− ICP-MS による生体試料の分析
Biomed.Res.Trace Elem., 5 47-51(1994)


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