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F-1 K.Mitsuke*, S.Suzuki*, T.Imamura, I.Koyano*
Negative-ion mass spectrometric study of ion-pair formation in the vacuum ultraviolet. VII-SO2 → 0(-) + SO(+), 0(-) + S(+) + O
Org.Mass Spectrom., 28 335-339(1993)
F-2 T.Imamura, T.Imajo*, S.Suzuki*, I.Koyano*
Mechanisms and rate constants of the collisional deactivation of CO(+)(A2 II, V) by He and Ar
J.Chem.Phys., 98(8) 6248-6256(1993)
F-3 T.Ibuki*, T.Imamura, I.Koyano*, T.masuoka*, C.E.Brion*
Dissociation of doubly charged CH2=CD2 and CH2=CF2 in the region of valence shell photoexcitation
J.Chem.Phys., 98(4) 2908-2915(1993)
F-4 H.Tanaka*, T.Miyazaki*, T.Kamiura*, I.Uno, S.Wakamatsu
Atmospheric hydrocarbons (4) Sources of atmospheric hydrocarbons in Osaka City of Japan : A quantitave determination using A source reconciliation technique
Environ.Sci., 6(3) 229-238(1993)
F-5 H.Tanaka*, T.Kamiura*, M.Warashina*, T.Miyazaki*, I.Uno, S.Wakamatsu
Comparison of 16 hydrocarbon concentrations calculated by receptor model and measured values in Osaka city
Environ.Sci., 7(1) 21-34(1994)
F-6 S.Sugata, S.Yoden*
A numerical study on regime transitions of the rotating annulus flow with a semi-spectral model
J.Meteorol.Soc.Jpn., 71 491-501(1993)
F-7 N.Sugimoto
Remote sensing of the atmosphere by lidars
OPTOELECTRONICS-Devices and Technol., 8(2) 161-170(1993)
F-8 R.J.Nordstron*, L.J.Berg*, A.F.DeSimone*, N.Sugimoto
Time-gated gain cell for frequencystable, single-longitudinal-mode operation of a transverse, electric, atmospheric CO2 laser
Rev.Sci.Instrum., 64(6) 1663-1664(1993)
F-9 N.Sugimoto, A.Minato, Y.Sasano
Laser long-path absorption experiment with the retroreflector in space (RIS) for the ADEOS satellite
Optics prot.man & environ.against nat.& technol.disasters, 39-42(1993)
F-10 N.Sugimoto
Optical approaches to atmospheric monitoring
Optics prot.man & environ.against nat.& technol.disasters, 29-38(1993)
F-11 杉本伸夫, 中根英昭
環境と測定技術, 20(11) 6-13(1993)
F-12 N.Sugimoto, A.Minato
Long-path absorption measurment of CO2 with a Raman-shifted tunable dye laser
APPLIED OPTICS, 32(33) 6827-6833(1993)
F-13 杉本伸夫
地上衛星間レーザー長光路吸収測定用リトロリフレクター (RIS)
日本リモートセンシング学会誌, 13(4) 78-82(1993)
F-14 R.J.Nordstrom*, L.J.Berg*, A.F.Desimone*, N.Sugimoto
Single-longitudinal-mode operation of a TEA CO2 Laser using a time-gated gain cell
Rev.Laser Eng., 22(2) 54-61(1994)
F-15 K.Seki, H.Okabe*
Photochemistry of acetylene at 193.3nm
J.Phy.Chem., 97(20) 5284-5290(1993)
F-16 Y.N.Takayabu, T.Nitta*
3-5 day-period disturbances coupled with convection over the Tropical Pacific Ocean
J.Meteor.Soc.Jpn., 71(2) 221-246(1993)
F-17 A.Numaguti
Dynamics and energy balance of the Hadley circulation and the tropical precipitation zones:significance of the distribution of evaporation
J.Atmos.Sci., 50 1874-1887(1993)
F-18 K.Masuda*, Y.Morinaga*, A.Numaguti, A.Abe-Ouchi*
The annual cycle of snow cover extent over the northern hemisphere as revealed by NOAA/NESDIS satellite data
Geogr.Rep.Tokyo Metrop.Univ., (28) 113-132(1993)
F-19 H.Hanazaki
On the nonlinear internal waves excited in the flow of a linearly stratified Boussinesq fluid
Phys.Fluids A, 5(5) 1201-1205(1993)
F-20 花崎秀史
密度成層流体中の物体により励起される3次元非線形内部重力波 ― Navier-Stokes 方程式の解と外力項を持った KP 方程式の解―
京都大学数理解析研究所講究録, 830 1-11(1993)
F-21 H.Hanazaki
A numerical study of nonlinear waves excited by an obstacle in the flow of stratified fluid
J.Wind Eng.& Ind.Aerodyn., 46&47 283-288(1993)
F-22 福山力
酸性雨調査法(酸性雨調査法研究会, ぎょうせい, 401p.), 123-131(1993)
F-23 松井一郎
大気環境監視用 YAG ライダーの現状と動向
レーザー研究, 21(8) 906-913(1993)
F-24 N.Washida
Rate constants of several free radical reactions measured by a photoionization mass spectrometer
Turbul.& Mol.Process Combust.(Elsevier Sci.Publ.B.V.), 165-170(1993)
F-25 鷲田伸明
京都大学理学部弘報, 136 3-4(1993)
F-26 鷲田伸明, 光本茂記
大気環境研究の現状と課題 ―地域規模から地球規模へ―
資源環境対策, 29(15) 1409-1418(1993)
F-27 吉原経太郎*, 鷲田伸明
化学ハンドブック(朝倉書店), 48-51(1993)
F-28 鷲田伸明
化学素反応 気相における原子,遊離基の反応
化学便覧(改定4版)基礎編U(丸善), 350-353(1993)
F-29 A.Miyoshi*, H.Matsui*, N.Washida
Detection and reactions of the HOCO radical in gas phase
J.Chem.Phys., 100(5) 3532-3539(1994)
F-30 A.Masaki*, S.Tsunashima*, N.Washida
Rate constant for the reactions of CH3 O2 with NO
Chem.Phys.Lett., (218) 523-528(1994)


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