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D-1 劒持堅志 , 小田淳子 , 森忠繁 , 伊藤裕康, 安原昭夫( 岡山県環境保健セ)
環境化学, 2(4) 863-877(1992)
D-2 S.Hashimoto , H.Ito, M.Morita, ( Jpn.Food Res.Lab.)
Elution of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans from coffee filter papers
Chemosphere, 25(3) 297-305(1992)
D-3 Y.Uno, M.Morita
Mutagenic activity of some platinum and palladium complexes
Mutat.Res., 298 269-275(1993)
D-4 K.Kaya, T.Sano, F.Shiraishi
Tetrahydropyran ring-containing fatty acid-combined taurine (tetrathermoyltaurine) in the taurolipid fraction of tetrahymena thermophila
Biochim.Biophys.Acta, 1127 22-27(1992)
D-5 彼谷邦光
環境化学, 2(3) 457-477(1992)
D-6 Y.Shibata, M.Morita
Characterization of organic arsenic compounds in bivalves
Appl.Organomet.Chem., 6 343-349(1992)
D-7 Y.Shibata, M.Morita, K.Fuwa
Selenium and arsenic arsenic in biology: their cheical forms and biological functions
Adv.Biophys., 28 31-80(1992)
D-8 J.S.Edmonds, Y.Shibata, K.A.Francesconi, J.Yoshinaga, M.Morita, ( West.Aust.Mar.Res.Lab.)
Arsenic lipids in the digestive gland of the western rock lobster Panulirus cygnus : an investigation by HPLC ICP- MS
Sci.Total Environ., 122 321-335(1992)
D-9 Y.Shibata, J.Yoshinaga, M.Morita
Micro-laser ablation system combined with inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry for the determination of elemental composition in the micron range
Anal.Sci., 9 129-131(1992)
D-10 Y.Hattori, H.Yamamoto, K.Nagai K.Nonaka, H.Hashimoto, S.Nakamura, M.Nakamoto, H.Shiraishi, M.Morita (Environ.Pollut. Control Cent. Osaka Pref.Gov.)
Determination of tributyltin and triphenyltin compounds in environmental and industrial waste waters by gas chromatography
Anal.Sci., 7(Supl.) 1081-1084(1991)
D-11 H.Seyama, J.S.Edmonds, M.J.Moran, A.Tanaka, M.Soma, Y.Shibata, M.Morita ( West.Aust.Mar.Res. Lab.)
Application of FAB-SIMS to the study of minerals
Secondary Ion Mass Spectrom.SIMS VIII, 707-710(1992)
D-12 S.Matsuzaki, Zu Shi Li, M.Sano, G.Saito, M.Soma (Kumamoto Univ., Kyoto Univ.)
Raman frequency shifts on ionization of hexamethylenetetratellulafurvalene and its thia- and selena-analogues
Synth.Metals, 38 269-275(1990)
D-13 M.Soma, G.J.Churchaman, B.K.G.Theng, (CSIRO, DSIR)
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic analysis of halloysites with different composition and particle morphology
Clay Minerals, 27 413-421(1992)
D-14 S.Naito, M.Tanimoto, M.Soma ( Tokyo Univ., Shizuoka Univ.)
Marked size effect of zinc oxide particles supported on silica in propene-deuterium addition and exchange reactions
J.Chem.Soc.Chem. Commun., 1443-1444(1992)
D-15 T.Fujii, K.Kajizaki , H.Ishii , ( Meisei Univ.)
Thermal dissociation/surface ionization of organometallic compounds on the heated Re-oxide surface : carbonyls of Fe, Cr, Mn and Co, acetylacetonate comp-lexes of Al, V, Cr and Zr, and lithium amides
Chem.Phys., (163) 413-418(1991)
D-16 T.Fujii
A novel method for detection of radical species in the gas phase : usage of Li+ ion attachment to chemical species
Chem.Phys.Lett., 191 (1, 2) 162-168(1992)
D-17 T.Fujii, K.Kajizaki , H.Ishii , ( Meisei Univ.)
The thermal dissociation process of metal carbonyls on the heated Resurface : Fe(CO)・, and Mn(CO)・
J.Organomet.Chem., (426) 361-367(1992)
D-18 T.Fujii
Quadrupole mass spectrometry in combina-tion with lithium ion attachment for sampling at atmospheric pressure : possible coupling to supercritical fluid chromatography
Anal.Chem., 64(7) 775-778(1992)
D-19 森田昌敏
有機スズ汚染と水生生物影響 (恒星社厚生閣, 174p.), 34-55(1992)
D-20 森田昌敏
金属, (12) 37-41(1992)
D-21 森田昌敏
ICP 質量分析法の特性と生物試料への応用
Biomed.Res.Trace Elements, 3(2) 35-36(1992)
D-22 森田昌敏
環境化学, 2(2) 169-179(1992)
D-23 M.Morita, J.S.Edmonds ( West.Aust.Mar.Res. Lab.)
Determination of arsenic species in environmental and biological samples
Pure & Appl.Chem., 64(4) 575-590(1992)
D-24 森田昌敏
資源環境対策, 28(2) 108-110(1992)
D-25 森田昌敏
周産期医学, 22(8) 1061-1064(1992)
D-26 森田昌敏
ICP 質量分析法
計測と制御, 31(1) 186-189(1992)
D-27 中野武 , 沖典男 , 辻正彦 , 奥野年秀 安原昭夫( 兵庫県立公害研)
環境化学, 2(4) 833-844(1992)
D-28 K.Kawata , A.Yasuhara ( Niigata Pref.Res. Lab.Health Environ.)
Annual concetration variations in the atmosphere and estimated inhalation intake of fenitrothion and fenobucarb
Chemosphere, 25 821-825(1992)
D-29 H.Nishikawa, T.Katami, Y.Takahara, H.Sumida, A.Yasuhara ( Gifu Pref.Res.Inst. Environ.Pollut.)
Emission of organic compounds by combus-tion of waste plastics involviong vinyl chloride polymer
Chemosphere, 25 1953-1960(1992)
D-30 A.Yasuhara
A monitoring system for chlorinated benzenes in exhaust gas from waste incinerators
Chemosphere, 26(6) 1071-1078(1993)
D-31 安原昭夫, 伊藤裕康, 劒持堅志 , 小田淳子( 岡山県環境保健セ)
環境化学, 3(1) 101-104(1993)
D-32 吉永淳
グローバルネット, (17) 32-33(1992)
D-33 吉永淳
Biomed Res Trace Elem., 3(2) 67-68(1992)
D-34 J.Yoshinaga, J-Z Li, T.Suzuki, K.Karita, M.Abe, H.Fujii, J.Mishina, M.Morita (Tokyo Univ., Teikyo Univ., Mishuku Hosp., Tukiji Maternity Hosp.)
Trace elments in human transitory milk : variation caused by biological attri-butes of mother and infant
Biol.Trace Elem.Res., 31 159-170(1992)
D-35 C.Suzuki, J.Yoshinaga, M.Morita
Determination of trace elements in pure water by ICP mass spectrometry
Anal.Sci., 7(S.) 997-1000(1991)
D-36 V.V.Salov, J.Yoshinaga, Y.Shibata, M.Morita
Determination of inorganic halogen species by liquid chromatography with inductively coupled argon plasma mass spectrometry
Anal.Chem., 64(20) 2425-2428(1992)


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