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D-1 Y.Uno, H.Matsushita , T.Uehiro, A.Yasuhara , M.Morita( Nat.Inst.Public Health, Reg.Environ.Div.)
Mutagenicity of 3-nitrodibenzofuran and 3-aminodibenzofuran
Toxicol.Lett., 55 31-37(1991)
D-2 K.Okamoto
Role of reference materials for valida tion of analytical data in trace element analysis of biological materials
Trace Elem.Clin.Med.(Springer-Verlag, 504p.), 437-442(1990)
D-3 岡本研作
化学と工業, 43 758-762(1990)
D-4 岡本研作
ぶんせき, (11) 86-92(1990)
D-5 岡本研作
同位体希釈/ICP-MS による生物試料中のス ズの定量
Biomed.Res.Trace Elem., 1(2) 239-240(1990)
D-6 岡本研作
同位体希釈/誘導結合プラズマ質量分析法に よる生物標準試料の分析
Hitachi Sci.Instrm. News, 34(1) 16-19(1991)
D-7 K.Okamoto
Biological reference materials for metal speciation ―National institute for environmental studies fish tissue reference material for organotin compounds―
ACS Symp.Ser., Biolog.Traee Elem. Res., (445) 257-264(1991)
D-8 K.Kaya, M.M.Watanabe ( Global Environ. Div.)
Microcystin composition of an axenic clonal strain of Microcystis viridis and Microcystis viridis-containing waterblooms in Japanese freshwaters
J.Appl.Phycol., 2 173-178(1990)
D-9 M.O.Ishitsuka , T.Kusumi , H.Kakisawa , K.Kaya, M.M.Watanabe ( Univ.Tsukuba, Environ.Biol.Div.)
Microviridin:a novel tricyclic depsipeptide from the toxic cyanobacterium microcystis virdis
J.Am.Chem.Soc., 112 8180-8182(1990)
D-10 H.Seyama, M.Soma
Application of fast atom bombardment (FAB) for ion microscopy of a rock sample
Surf.Interface Anal., 15 289-292(1990)
D-11 Y.Shibata, K.Jin , M.Morita( Hokkaido Inst. Public Health)
Arsenic compounds in the edible red alga, Porphyra tenera, and in nori and yakinori, food items produced from red algae
Appl.Organomet.Chem., 4 255-260(1990)
D-12 相馬光之, 瀬山春彦
X線分析の進歩, 21 135-147(1990)
D-13 Y.Umezawa , K.Ito , H.Hata , M.Sugawara , E.G.Harsanyi , K.Toth , E.Pungor , M.Soma, A.Tanaka( Hokkaido Univ., Tech.Univ.)
Surface chemistry and potential response of copper sulfide based ion-selective membrane in ligand solutions
Mikrochim.Acta, 231-239(1990)
D-14 K.Kunimori, Z.Hu , T.Uchijima , K.Asakura , Y.Iwasaki , M.Soma( Univ.Tsukuba, Univ.Tokyo)
Rhodium-niobia interaction in niobiapromoted Rh/SiOーcatalysts:formation of RhNbOイon SiOー
Catal.Today, 8 85-97(1990)
D-15 M.Soma, A.Tanaka, H.Seyama, S.Hayashi, K.Hayamizu ( Nat.Chem.Lab.Ind.)
Bonding states of sodium in tetrasilicic sodium fluor mica
Clay Sci., 8 1-8(1990)
D-16 M.Nishikawa, T.Mizoguchi , Y.Dokiya , S.Bessho , H.Haraguchi ( Global Environ. Div., Meteorol.Coll., Meteorol.Res.Inst., Univ.Tokyo)
Vertical distribution of particulate mercury as measured on a meteorological observation tower (213m)
Int.J.Environ.Anal. Chem., 38 591-598(1990)
D-17 T.Fujii
Relationship between electron ionization range,mean electorn energy required for ion pair formation and total ionization cross section for low-energy electrons
Chem.Phys.Lett., 168(1) 107-110(1990)
D-18 T.Fujii, H.Jimba , H.Arimoto ( Meisei univ., Shimadzu Corp.)
Mass spectrometric studies on the response mechanism of surface ionization detectors for gas chromatography
Anal.Chem., 62(2) 107-111(1990)
D-19 T.Fujii, T.Uehiro, Y.Nojiri , Y.Mitsutsuka , H.Jimba ( Global Environ. Div., Meisei Univ.)
Real-time monitoring of iodine in process off-gas by inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectroscopy
Anal.Chem., 62(4) 414-416(1990)
D-20 T.Fujii, H.Ishii , H.Tokiwa ( Meisei Univ.)
Surface ionization mass spectra of organosilicon compounds
J.Organomet.Chem., 391 147-153(1990)
D-21 K.R.Brushwyler , N.Furuta, G.M.Hieftje ( Indiana Univ.)
Use of a spectrally segmented photodiode-array spectrometer for inductively coupled plasma atomic-emission spectroscopy
Talanta, 37(1) 23-32(1990)
D-22 N.Furuta
Spatially resolved noise amplitude spectra of emission signals from an inductively coupled plasma
Anal.Sci., 6 683-688(1990)
D-23 K.R.Brushwyler , N.Furuta, G.M.Hieftje ( Indiana Univ.)
Characterization of a spectrally segmented photodiode-array spectrometer for inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry
Spectrochimica Acta., 46B(1) 85-98(1991)
D-24 H.Mukai, Y.Ambe, K.Shibata, T.Muku , K.Takeshita , T.Fukuma , J.Takahashi , S.Mizota ( Saigo Health Cent.)
Long-term variation of chemical composition of atmospheric aerosol on the Oki Islands in the Sea of Japan
Atmos.Environ., 24A 1379-1390(1990)
D-25 H.Mukai, Y.Ambe, M.Morita
Flow injection inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry for the determination of platinum in airborne particulate matter
J.Anal.At.Spectom., 5 75-80(1990)
D-26 森田昌敏
公衆衛生, 54(8) 46-49(1990)
D-27 M.Morita, H.Ito, Y.Shibata
Development of sensitive determination methods for environmental contaminants
環境変異原研究, 12 35-40(1990)
D-28 J.Yoshinaga , H.Imai , M.Nakazawa , T.Suzuki , M.Morita( Univ.Tokyo)
Lack of significantly positive correlations between elemental concentrations in hair and in organs
Sci.Total Environ., 99 125-135(1990)
D-29 森田昌敏
臨床検査, 34 1371-1374(1990)
D-30 J.Yoshinaga , N.Matsuo , H.Imai , M.Nakazawa , T.Suzuki , M.Morita( Univ.Tokyo)
Application of inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) to multi-element analysis of human organs
Intern.J.Environ. Anal.Chem., 41 27-38(1990)
D-31 森田昌敏
ICP 発光分析法
代謝, 27(7) 81-90(1990)
D-32 森田昌敏
瀬戸内海環境保全協会誌, 1 80-85(1990)
D-33 森田昌敏
土壌中のダイオキシン類の浸出特性と分析方 法
PPM, (3) 17-24(1990)
D-34 M.Morita
ICP-MS-Application to biological samples
Trace Elem.Clim.Med, 427-436(1990)
D-35 M.Morita, Y.Shibata
Chemical from of arsenic in marine macroalgae
Appl.Organomet.Chem., 4 181-190(1990)


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