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H-1 T.Iwakuma, K.Shibata , T.Hanazato ( Toho Univ.)
Production ecology of phyto- and zooplankton in a eutrophic pond dominated by Chaoborus flavicans (Diptera:Chaoboridae)
Ecol.Res., 4 31-53(1989)
H-2 T.Iwakuma, Y.Sugaya , M.Yasuno ( Eng.Div.)
Dependence of the autumn emergence of Tokunagayusurika akamusi (Diptera: Chironomidae) on water temperature
Jpn.J.Limnol., 50 281-288(1989)
H-3 岩熊敏夫
公害と対策, 26 210-216(1990)
H-4 K.Okano, T.Machida , T.Totsuka ( Eng.Div., Tokyo Univ.Agric.& Techonol.)
Differences in ability of NOーabsorption in various broad-leaved tree species
Environ.Pollut., 58 1-17(1989)
H-5 春日清一
つくば研究学園都市と自然 ( STEP, 81p.), 23-39(1988)
H-6 N.Kachi, I.H.Rorison ( Sheffield Univ.)
Optimal partitioning between root and shoot in plants with contrasted growth rates in response to nitrogen availa- bility and temperature
Funct.Ecol., 3 549-559(1989)
H-7 N.Kondo
Biochemical chages in guard cells on stomatal closure induced by abscisic acid
Plant Water Relat.& Growth under Stress (Yamada Sci.Found., 507p.), 219-226(1989)
H-8 T.Tezuka , Y.Yamamoto , N.Kondo ( Nagoya Univ.)
Activation of Oーuptake and MAD-specific isocitrate dehydrogenase in mitochond- ria isolated from cotyledons of castor bean by cis, trans-abscisic acid
Plant Physiol., 92 147-150(1990)
H-9 近藤矩朗
遺伝, 44(1) 30-34(1990)
H-10 榊剛
植物の計測と診断 (朝倉書店, 239p.), 46-48(1988)
H-11 佐治光
植物の計測と診断(朝倉書店, 239p.), 34-37(1988)
H-12 佐治光
植物の計測と診断(朝倉書店, 239p.), 222-229(1988)
H-13 Y.Takeuchi , M.Akizuki , H.Shimizu, N.Kondo, K.Sugahara ( Hokkaido Tokai Univ., Toho Univ.)
Effect of UV-B(290-320 nm) irradiation of growth and metabolism of cucumber cotyledons
Physiol.Plant., 76 425-430(1989)
H-14 K.Takamura, Y.Sugaya , N.Takamura, T.Hanazato, M.Yasuno, T.Iwakuma ( Eng.Div.)
Primary production of phytoplankton and standing crops of zooplankton and zoobenthos in hypertrophic Lake Teganuma
Hydrobiologia, 173 173-184(1989)
H-15 N.Takamura, F.Kasai , M.M.Watanabe ( Eng.Div., Water Soil Environ. Div.)
Effects of Cu, Cd and Zn on photosynthesis of freshwater benthic algae
J.Appl.Phycol., 1(1) 39-52(1989)
H-16 A.Takenaka
Optimal leaf photosynthetic capacity in terms of utilizing a natural light environment
J.Theor.Biol., 139 517-529(1989)
H-17 I.Washitani , M.Kishino , A.Takenaka( Univ.Tsukuba, Inst.Phys.& Chem. Res.)
A preliminary study of micro-spatial heterogeneity in the light spectral environment of seeds and seedlings in a grassland
Ecol.Res., 4 399-404(1989)
H-18 多田満
水辺の輪, 1(1) 8-9(1989)
H-19 大屋英俊 , 田中浄 ( 筑波大)
植物の計測と診断 (朝倉書店, 239p.) , 22-24(1988)
H-20 田中浄
植物の計測と診断 (朝倉書店, 239p.) , 28-29(1988)
H-21 田中浄, 近藤矩朗, 榊剛
植物の計測と診断 (朝倉書店, 239p.) , 29-34(1988)
H-22 手塚修文 , 田中浄, 榊剛( 名古屋大)
植物の計測と診断 (朝倉書店, 239p.) , 48-52(1988)
H-23 大森牧子 , 野原精一 ( 栃木県公害研)
栃木県公害研究所年報, 13 44-47(1989)
H-24 T.Tsuchiya , S.Nohara ( Univ.Tsukuba)
Growth and life span of the leaves of Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn. in Lake Kasumigaura, Japan
Aquat.Bot., 36 87-95(1989)
H-25 S.Hatakeyama
Effect of copper and zinc on the growth and emergence of Epeorus latifolium (Ephemeroptera) in an indoor model stream
Hydrobiologia, 174 17-27(1989)
H-26 S.Hatakeyama, Y.Sugaya ( Eng.Div.)
A freshwater shrimp (paratya compressa improvisa) as a sensitive test organ- ism to pesticides
Environ.Pollut., 59 325-336(1989)
H-27 S.Hatakeyama
Effect of a herbicide, chloronitrofen (2, 4, 6-trichloropheny1-4'-nitrophenyl ether), on the growth and reproduction of the guppy (Poecilia reticulata) through water and food
Aquat.Toxicol., 15 181-196(1989)
H-28 T.Hanazato, M.Yasuno
Impact of predation of Neomysis intermedia on a zooplankton community in Lake Kasumigaura
Verh.Internat. Verein.Limnol., 23 2092-2098(1988)
H-29 T.Hanazato, M.Yasuno
Effects of carbaryl on the spring zooplankton communities in ponds
Environ.Pollut., 56 1-10(1989)
H-30 T.Hanazato, H.Hayashi , T.Ichikawa , Y.Watanabe ( Shinshu Univ. Tokyo Metrop.Univ.)
Dynamics of zooplankton community in enclosures of different types in a shallow eutrophic lake
Jpn.J.Limnol., 50(1) 25-37(1989)
H-31 花里孝幸
陸水学雑誌, 50(1) 53-67(1989)
H-32 花里孝幸
霞ケ浦ネットワーク, 1(1) 6(1989)
H-33 T.Hanazato, M.Yasuno
Effect of temperature in laboratorystudies on growth of Chaoborus flavicans (Diptera:Chaoboridae)
Arch.Hydrobiol., 114 497-504(1989)
H-34 M.Sakamoto , H.Hayashi , A.Otsuki , K.Aoyama , Y.Watanabe , T.Hanazato, T.Iwakuma, M.Yasuno ( Nagoya Univ., Shinshu Univ., Tokyo Univ.Fish. Toho Univ., Tokyo Metrop.Univ.)
Role of bottom sediments in sustaining plankton production in a lake ecosystem ―Experimental demonstration using enclosed water bodies in a shallow eutrophic lake
Ecol.Res., 4 1-16(1989)
H-35 T.Hanazato, T.Iwakuma, M.Yasuno, M.Sakamoto ( Nagoya Univ.)
Effects of temephos on zooplankton com- munities in enclosures in a shallow eutrophic lake
Environ.Pollut., 59 305-314(1989)
H-36 花里孝幸
霞ケ浦ネットワーク, 1(2) 6-7(1989)
H-37 花里孝幸
霞ケ浦ネットワーク, 1(3) 10(1989)
H-38 T.Hanazato, M.Yasuno, M.Hosomi ( Water & Soil Environ.Div.)
Significance of a low oxygen layer for a Daphnia population in Lake Yunoko, Japan
Hydrobiologia, 185 19-27(1989)
H-39 T.Hanazato, M.Yasuno
Zooplankton community structure driven by vertebrate and invertebrate pre- dators
Oecologia, 81 450-458(1989)
H-40 T.Hanazato, M.Yasuno
Influence of overwintering Daphnia on spring zooplankton communities: an experimental study
Ecol.Res., 4 323-338(1989)
H-41 花里孝幸
霞ケ浦ネットワーク, 1(4) 6(1990)
H-42 T.Hanazato, M.Yasuno
Influence of time of application of an insecticide on recovery patterns of a zooplankton community in experimental ponds
Arch.Environ.Contam.Toxicol., 19 77-83(1990)
H-43 花里孝幸
霞ケ浦ネットワーク, 1(5) 6-7(1990)
H-44 藤沼康実, 佐藤光 ( 九州大)
作物におけるストレス回避の遺伝学(昭和61-63年度科学研究費[総合研究A]研究成果報告書, 134p.), 46-55(1989)
H-45 藤沼康実, 大政謙次
植物生産システム実用事典( フジ・テクノシステム, 1385p.), 247-255(1989)
H-46 安野正之, 岩熊敏夫
環境情報科学, 18(2) 25-31(1989)


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