Wallackia Foissner, 1977 (ref. ID; 2014)
Class Polyhymenophora: Subclass Spirotricha: Order Hypotrichida: Suborder Stichotrichina: Family Holostichidae (ref. ID; 2014)

[ref. ID; 2014]
Elongate oval dorso-ventrally flattened body with a long (greater than half body length) laterally positioned AZM. 2 rows of marginal cirri and 2 rows of midventral cirri extending into the frontal region where there are 3 anterior frontal cirri plus 2 straight closely-spaced rows of frontal cirri immediately to the right of the peristome. 3 long caudal cirri arise from short tube-like projections of the cell. 4 rectangularly arranged transverse cirri. Contractile vacuole equatorial. 2 macronuclei each with a micronucleus. Single species genus originally isolated from the Austrian Alps.
Quote; Colin R. Curds, Michael A. Gates and David McL. Roberts "British and other freshwater ciliated protozoa Part II Ciliophora: Oligohymenophora and Polyhymenophora" Cambridge University Press, 1983 (ref. ID; 2014)