Tesnospira Jankowski, 1964 (ref. ID; 2014)
Class Polyhymenophora: Subclass Spirotricha: Order Heterotrichida: Suborder Heterotrichina (ref. ID; 2014)

[ref. ID; 2014]
Flask-like body, rounded in cross-section, with a narrowed apical short snout-like region bent ventrally. Body torsion indistinct. The perizonal cilia in the form of a very short brush-like stripe located on the snout-like region. The slit-like oral aperture located beneath the snout. The buccal cavity restricted to the anterior region and contains a reduced number of membranelles. Single spherical macronucleus and adjacent micronucleus. Sapropelic. The shape of the body and brush-like perizonal cilia serve to distinguish this genus from the other metopid ciliates. The genus was erected by Jankowski.
Quote; Colin R. Curds, Michael A. Gates and David McL. Roberts "British and other freshwater ciliated protozoa Part II Ciliophora: Oligohymenophora and Polyhymenophora" Cambridge University Press, 1983 (ref. ID; 2014)