Spiretella Corliss, 1977 (ref. ID; 2014)
Class Polyhymenophora: Subclass Spirotricha: Order Hypotrichida: Suborder Stichotrichina: Family Spirofilidae (ref. ID; 2014)
Suborder Euhypotrichina: Stichotrichina: Family Spirofilidae (ref. ID; 7760)

Synonym Microspiretta Jankowski, 1975 (ref. ID; 2014); Spiratella Borror, 1972 (ref. ID; 2014); Spiretta Gelei, 1944 (ref. ID; 2014)

[ref. ID; 2014]
Planktonic form, rounded in cross-section with large broadly rounded posterior; right anterior drawn out into a stout cone-like projection. 2 helical rows of cirri at the margins and 4 posterior rows. The ventral cirri reduced to 2 groups of bristle-like cirri. The AZM well developed and spirals from the anterior end down three-quarters of the length of the body. Macronucleus elongate, dumb-bell shaped with 2 adjacent micronuclei. Contractile vacuole centrally situated. Single species genus originally described from Hungary. Revision by Stiller (1975). Jankowski (1979) disputes Corliss (1977) in accepting the misprint or 'erronym' Spiretella, for the preoccupied homonym Spiratella.
Quote; Colin R. Curds, Michael A. Gates and David McL. Roberts "British and other freshwater ciliated protozoa Part II Ciliophora: Oligohymenophora and Polyhymenophora" Cambridge University Press, 1983 (ref. ID; 2014)