Pseudostrombidium Horvath, 1933 (ref. ID; 4894)
Family Oxytrichidae Ehrenberg, 1838: Subfamily Oxytrichinae Jankowski, 1979 (ref. ID; 4894)
See; Urosoma (ref. ID; 2014)

[ref. ID; 4894]
Improved characterization; Adoral zone of membranelles formed like a question mark. Undulating membranes almost straight as side by side. Frontoventral cirri in V-shaped pattern. Postoral ventral cirri underneath buccal vertex. Two pretransverse ventral and five transverse cirri. One right and one left row of marginal cirri. Six dorsal kineties. Number of caudal cirri distinctly increased (> 4). Dorsal morphogenesis in Oxytricha pattern. (ref. ID; 4894)
Remarks; Monotypic, i.e. includes only the euplanktonic type species. Kahl (1932) obviously confused Pseudostrombidium with Parastrombidium (Fraure-Fremiet 1924), an oligotrich. Borror (1972) synonymized P. planctonticum with Urosoma acuminata which is clearly different (Foissner 1982; Berger & Foissner 1987). According to the original description and a recent redescription (Wilbert 1986), the undulating membranes are rather straight and do not intersect, similarly to in Stylonychia. However, the micrograph of a protargol impregnated specimen in Skibbe (1994) indicate an oral apparatus of the Oxytricha pattern. Differs from Stylonychia spp. not only by the supple body but also by the significantly higher number of caudal cirri. Morphogenetic studies are necessary to clarify the systematic position of this curious oxytrichid. (ref. ID; 4894)
Type species (by monotypy); Pseudostrombidium planctonticum Horvath, 1933 (ref. ID; 4894)