Moneuplotes Jankowski, 1979 (ref. ID; 7354)
Order Euplotida: Family Euplotidae (ref. ID; 7354)

[ref. ID; 7354]
All the members of the genus Moneuplotes Jankowski, 1979 are marine and non-encysting. They typically have 10 FVC, however supernumerary morphogenetic streaks sometimes give rise to more than the usual number of FVC. The dorsal argyrome is of the single type and the dorsal surface is usually smooth. No algal or bacterial endosymbionts have been reported. There are at least five additional species: M. balticus (Kahl, 1932), M. crassus (Dujardin, 1841), M. cristatus (Kahl, 1932), M. minuta (Yocum, 1930), and M. mutabilis (Tuffrau, 1960). This assemblage apparently has numerous species with little morphological diversification (Genermont et al. 1985). (ref. ID; 7354)
Type species; Moneuplotes vannus (Muller, 1786) Jankowski, 1979 (ref. ID; 7354)