Kuklikophrya Njine, 1979 (ref. ID; 2013, 7706)
Class Kinetofragminophora: Subclass Vestibulifera: Order Colpodida (ref. ID; 2013)
Suborder Cyrtolophosidina Foissner, 1978: Family Woodruffiidae Gelei, 1954 (ref. ID; 7706)

[ref. ID; 2013]
Outline shape approximately oval with slight anterior rounded rostrum that bends somewhat to the left. The posterior body region is narrower than the anterior and terminates in a blunt point. The oral aperture lies in the center of the anterior third of the ventral surface in the form of a diagonal slit. On the right of the oral aperture there are 2 parallel rows of left side. This circumoral ciliature meets a row of preoral membranelles which are composed of 10-12 blocks of cilia that are arranged third of the oral aperture and passed forward along the rostrum. The body is uniformly ciliated and the cilia arise in pairs. The centrally placed macronucleus is spherical and there is a single posterior contractile vacuole. Single record from temporary pools in Africa. Most easily mistaken for Enigmostoma which has a mouth supported by short trichites but does not have circumoral ciliature. It may be distinguished from the related genus Rostrophrya by the position of the preoral membranelles; in the latter genus the line of membranelles extends to the posterior of the oral aperture.
Quote; Colin R. Curds "British and other freshwater ciliated protozoa Part I Ciliophora: Kinetofragminophora" Cambridge University Press, 1982 (ref. ID; 2013)