Kreyella Kahl, 1931 (ref. ID; 2013)
Class Kinetofragminophora: Subclass Hypostomata: Order Nassulida: Suborder Microthoracina (ref. ID; 2013)

[ref. ID; 2013]
Body outline shape oval, flattened with delicate keeled armour. Somatic ciliature reduced, ventral surface with 2 or 3 semicircular ciliary rows. Opening to cytostome in a depression situated in the posterior left region of body. Oral aperture not supported by basket of trichites. On the right of the oral depression there is a posterior vibratile edge and there are 2 parallel anterior ciliary rows. On the left of the oral aperture there is nucleus rounded and centrally located. Single contractile vacuole on posterior right of body.
Quote; Colin R. Curds "British and other freshwater ciliated protozoa Part I Ciliophora: Kinetofragminophora" Cambridge University Press, 1982 (ref. ID; 2013)