Hemiophrys Wrzesniowski, 1870 (ref. ID; 3690)

See Amphileptus

Hemiophrys bivacuolata Kahl (ref. ID; 1219, 1622, 2245)
Description; Body laterally compressed, flask-shaped, right and left side more or less flat, cilia only on the right side, ventral side convex, with a long slit-like mouth; differs from the genus Litonotus in having 2 or more contractile vacuoles; 2 spherical macronuclei in close contact with a single micronucleus located between them. (ref. ID; 1219)
Hemiophrys bivacuolata f. polysaprobica Kahl (ref. ID; 1219)
Description; Posterior part very broad; anterior part neck-like strongly curved dorsally; anterior region hyaline, posterior part granulated and appearing dark; 2 contractile vacuoles; trichocysts tiny and indistinct; very metabolic in shape. (ref. ID; 1219)
Measurements; Length 90-150 um long. (ref. ID; 1219)
Hemiophrys bivacuolata f. typica Kahl (ref. ID; 1219)
Description; Body length 80-135 um long; body elongated; anterior part slightly curved towards the dorsal side, not neck-like; cytoplasm hyaline, strong trichocysts in the anterior region; 2 contractile vacuoles; moderately metabolic in shape. (ref. ID; 1219)