Euplotopsis Borror & Hill, 1955 (ref. ID; 7354 original paper)
Order Euplotida: Family Euplotidae (ref. ID; 7354)

[ref. ID; 7354]
Members of the genus Euplotopsis n. g., formerly in the genus Euplotes, occur in both freshwater and marine habitats. The 7-9 FVC are related morphogenetically as if cirrus VI/2 of Euplotes charon is missing, or is only represented by a barren argentophilic plaque in some populations of E. raikovi and strelkovi. The dorsal argyrome may be double, triple, or complex with the dorsal surface often ribbed. No algal or bacterial endosymbionts have been reported. Some species can encysts. We designate here Euplotopsis affinis (Dujardin, 1841) n. comb. as the type species. There are 19 additional species: Euplotopsis aberrans (Dragesco, 1960) n. comb., E. apsheronicus (Agamaliev, 1966) n. comb., E. bisulcatus (Kahl, 1932) n. comb., E. elegans (Kahl, 1932) n. comb., E. encysticus (Yonezawa, 1985) n. comb., E. finki (Foissner, 1982) n. comb., E. gracilis (Kahl, 1932) n. comb., E. latus (Kahl, 1932) n. comb., E. muscicola (Kahl, 1932) n. comb., E. muscorum (Dragesco, 1970) n. comb., E. nana (Jones & Owen, 1974) n. comb., E. novemcarinata (Wang, 1930) n. comb., E. parkei (Curds, 1974) n. comb., E. poljanskyi (Agamaliev, 1966) n. comb., E. raikovi (Agamaliev, 1966) n. comb., E. rotunda (Gelei, 1950) n. comb., E. strelkovi (Agamaliev, 1967) n. comb., E. tegulatus (Tuffrau, 1960) n. comb., and Euplotopsis zenkowitchi (Burkovsky, 1970) n. comb.
This list includes those species for which Jankowski (1979) erected the taxa Neteuplotes and Mideuplotes based primarily upon what we consider to be minor differences in the pattern of the dorsal argyrome. Until we can be convined by additional information, such as from molecular or genetic analyses, we have not recognized the genera Neteuplotes and Mideuplotes here. (ref. ID; 7354)
Type species; Euplotopsis affinis (Dujardin, 1841) n. comb. (ref. ID; 7354)