Chilodontopsis Blochmann, 1895 (ref. ID; 2013)
Class Kinetofragminophora: Subclass Hypostomata: Order Synhymenida (ref. ID; 2013)

[ref. ID; 2013]
Body outline shape oval, dorso-ventrally flattened. Anterior region broadly rounded and slightly directed towards the left. Body ciliated on both surfaces. Oral aperture in middle of anterior quarter of ventral surface. Oral apparatus consisting of a basket of trichites. There is a short post-oral frange composed of an oblique line of simple but distinct kinetosomes which does not traverse the complete ventral surface, instead it reaches only 1 or 2 kineties past the oral aperture on the right but extends to the left round to the dorsal surface. Single posterior contractile vacuole. Macronucleus more or less ovoid, never sausage-shape. Genus created by Blochmann (1895) for a species described by Perty (1852) under the name Chilodon depressa. Jankowski (1968) regards the genus as a nomen nudum but in the opinion of Deroux (1978) this is a distinct and well-defined genus.
Quote; Colin R. Curds "British and other freshwater ciliated protozoa Part I Ciliophora: Kinetofragminophora" Cambridge University Press, 1982 (ref. ID; 2013)

Chilodontopsis vorax (Stokes, 1887) (ref. ID; 1622, 2122, 2245) reported year? (ref. ID; 1618) or (Stokes) Kahl (ref. ID; 3690)
Syn; Chilodontopsis transversa Kahl, 1928 (ref. ID; 1622, 2245)
Description; Elongate ellipsoid; anterior region slightly curved to left; snout fairly distinct; oral basket with about sixteen rods; several contractile vacuoles distributed, a large one terminal; macronucleus large, lenticular, granulated; with a closely attached micronucleus; fresh water. (ref. ID; 1618)
Measurements; 50-160 um long. (ref. ID; 1618)