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Latrodectus geometricus

Basic information
Scientific name Latrodectus geometricus

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Common names Brown widow spider
Higher taxon Theridiidae, Araneae, Arachnida, Arthropoda
Natural range Australia, C & S America, Pacific islands.
Habitat Urban area (in non-native range).
Invasion information
Range in Japan There are records in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Aichi, Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo, Okayama, Yamaguchi, Fukuoka, Miyazaki, Kagoshima, and Okinawa Pref. Range in Japan
Origin Unknown.
Date The first record in Japan was at Honmoku Port, Yokohama, Kanagawa Pref.
Route Accidental: With some kind of transport.
Impact Potentially: bite (venomous). But, not as aggressive as L. hasselti.
Regulation in Japan Import, transport and keeping are prohibited in Japan by the Invasive Alien Species Act.
Introduced range in other countries
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Latrodectus spp. is designated as a invasive alien species from October 2015