2nd International Workshop
on Heterogeneous Kinetics Related to Atmospheric Aerosols
November 12 (Saturday) - 14 (Monday), 2016
Tsukuba International Congress Center, Tsukuba, Japan

2nd International Workshop on Heterogeneous Kinetics Related to Atmospheric Aerosols


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Keynote speakers

Speakers (Invited)

Speaker Title
Prof. Gen Sazaki Hokkaido Univ. In-situ observation of surface melting of ice crystal surfaces by advanced optical microscopy
Prof. Shoichi Yamaguchi Saitama Univ. Molecular Structure of Liquid Interfaces Probed by Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy
Prof. Shoji Ishizaka Hiroshima Univ. In situ observations of the phase transitions of single droplets levitated in air by means of a laser trapping technique
Prof. Satoshi Takahama Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne Constraining the mass budget of heterogeneous processes in laboratory and atmospheric organic aerosols through functional group analysis
Prof. Manabu Shiraiwa University of California, Irvine Formation of reactive oxygen species by secondary organic aerosols in water
Prof. Tong Zhu Peking Univ. Phase and Reactivity Change of a Single Particle in the Atmospheric Multiphase Reaction
Prof. Chak K. Chan City University of Hong Kong Heterogeneous uptake of ammonia and dimethylamine by acidic particles
Prof. Maofa Ge Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences Heterogeneous Process studies on the formation of secondary aerosol
Prof. Aijun Ding Nanjing Univ. Secondary aerosol formation from heterogeneous reactions and air pollution-boundary layer-weather interactions: Results from the SORPES station
Prof. Jianmin Chen Fudan Univ. Tropospheric multiphase chemistry elevated by diverse mass spectrometric techniques in China
Prof. Azuchi Harano Gunma Univ. In Situ Microscopic Observation of Deliquescence and Crystallization of Single Levitated Microdroplet Using Electrodynamic Balance
Prof. Norimichi Takenaka Osaka Prefecture Univ. Chemical reactions promoted by freezing solution and the acceleration mechanism
Prof. Akihiro Yabushita Kyushu Univ. Formation reactions of molecular iodine related to water and ice
Prof. Takayuki Kameda Kyoto Univ. Mineral dust aerosols promote the nitration of atmospheric polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
Dr. Akio Shimono Shoreline Research Inc. Improvement of Methodology for Measuring Heterogeneous or Reactive Uptake of Gaseous Species on Aerosols
Prof. Mikinori Kuwata Nanyang Technological University 1-Octanol-Water Partitioning as a Classifier of Water Soluble Organic Materials: Implication for Solubility Distribution
Prof. Akihiro Morita Tohoku Univ. Microscopic Structure and Uptake Kinetics at Aqueous Surfaces
Dr. Shinichi Enami Natl. Inst. Environ. Studies Heterogeneous Reactions of Atmospheric Radical/Atom with Aqueous Species
Dr. Ying Li Natl. Inst. Environ. Studies Global atmospheric secondary organic particle phase state distribution
Prof. Hui-Ming Hung National Taiwan Univ. The Oxidation of SO2 on the Surfaces of Acidic Micro-Droplets: Implication to the Ambient Sulfate Formation
Dr. Mingjin Tang Institute of Geochemistry Chemistry, Guangzhou, Chinese Academy of Sciences Heterogeneous reactions of N2O5 and ClONO2 with TiO2 aerosol particles: implications for stratospheric particle injection for climate engineering
Prof. Zhang Qingzhu Shandong Univ. Heterogeneous Reaction Mechanism of Gaseous HNO3 with Solid NaCl: a Density Functional Theory Study
Prof. Zhongming Chen Peking Univ. The role of peroxides in the heterogeneous reactions on aerosol particles
Prof. Qi Chen Peking Univ. Modeling of Organic Aerosol in China: The Roles of Sources and Aging
Prof. Yunhong Zhang Beijing Institute of Technology Volatility and repartitioning between gas phase and aerosol condensation phase
Prof. Jingyao Liu Jilin Univ. Reduction of NO on noble metal surfaces: A mechanistic and kinetic study
Prof. Jing Shang Peking Univ. Synergistic effect of nitrate-doped TiO2 on the photochemical oxidation of formaldehyde